Executive Vice President

Edward Joseph Shoben Jr.

Series: Memoranda

File Folder 1: 1969

Date Addressee Subject Description
Staff An interesting message from Binghamton attached memo from Edward C. Moore, VP for Graduate Studies and Research - State University of New York at Binghampton to The University Faculty - Subject: The Face of the Future
Charles McCann Organization Under the Executive Vice President Executive VP division re-organization
Charles McCann Some thoughts, mostly random, about both buildings and academic program Concerns about classroom/lecturehall sizes and the investment of resources into the science curriculum: Philosophy of education at TESC
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General Letter Help with identifying potential faculty Letter directed to (probably) college administrators and other academic colleagues asking for help in identifying potential planning faculty members.
President McCann and Vice Presidents David Barry and Dean Clabaugh Another pass at academic organization and the curriculum Outlines a set of seven postulates around which the philosophy of education at The Evergreen State College should be formed.
Charles McCann Urban Corps possibilities Describes a potential program of college level internships similar to the Peace Corps known as the Urban Corps that could be a model for similar programs at TESC


File Folder 2: 1970

Date Addressee Subject Description
Staff A big and continuing controversy Describes a controversy engendered by Shoben's re-published works on "The Climate of Protest" and "The Futureless Generation"
Planning Coterie Some Thoughts on Evergreen's Library Describes Shoben's ideas about the place and purpose of the library within the constructs of The Evergreen State College's instructional program.
Staff Our in-house seminar for next week (01-28) Outlining changes to the program to be presented at the event: from a viewing of Fred Weissman's "Law and Order" to a review of problems of student discontent and rebellion.
Charles McCann Problems of status and the meaning of "faculty" status Requesting a discusion of the subject as soon as possible within the planning coterie.
Kenneth W. Paull Letter of hiring Offering position of Coordinator of Library Systems
Staff Seminar on "Middle America Finds a Voice" Directing staff to read the attached article by Peter Schrag, "The Forgotten American".
Executive Staff A point of departure on governance Discusses ideas on the "fundamental template on which the governance at Evergreen can be fruitfully based"
Friends of The Evergreen State College Our in-service staff-development program Provides a list of in-house seminars for the addressees.
Malcolm Stilson Your piece on the management of a generic library A brief critique of Stilson's statement
Staff Admissions Policy attached first statement of admission policy for TESC
Executive VP Staff Evening Meeting setting evening meeting for discussion on "Principles, Decisions, and Poverty"
Charles McCann College-wide staff meetings Recommending meetings with full professional staff across divisions
Staff Appointment of Larry Stenberg Announcement of hiring for position of Director of Counseling Services
Staff Appointment of Bob Sethre Announcement of hiring for position of Director of College Relations
Charles McCann Justification for College Recreational Center rationale for physical activity facilities
Charles McCann Justification for College Health Center rationale for a health center
Library Staff Holidays designating particular time periods when staff can be away on vacation
Executive VP Staff Descriptions of credit-generating experiences we are prepared to sponsor Reminder to staff of an assignment to prepare examples of credit generating activities available through staff.
Executive VP Staff Space assignments Proposal for assigning staff to space prior to the library building's completion
Executive VP Staff More on Space

Additional comments on proposed space assignments

McCann, Barry, Clabaugh, Humphrey, Cadwallader, Teske Faculty Policies Attached documents on rights and responsibilities of innovative faculty by Carl Selinger, ,Dean of Bard College (attachments not in the file)
Executive VP Staff Organizaton and organizational charts Requesting staff to re-think organization in light of having to produce an organizational chart for the budget document
Executive VP Staff Annual Reports

Reminder to staff to produce their annual reports of activities over the previous year. Includes a suggested outline for 1969-70

Executive VP Staff Insurance covering non-scheduled air flights noting attached memo from controller Ken Winkley on the subject
James Holly Access to Library circultation records and the problem of intellectual freedom discusses dangers of governmental invasion of academic freedom and policies that can be instituted to insulate the TESC library from infringing requests