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September 19, 2011 - June 15, 2012
The Evergreen State College

Entrepreneurship – For Love and Money

Presented by The Evergreen State College Traveling Seminar Series

Chicago, Illinois

Saturday, March 24, 2012 at 3pm

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Traveling Seminar in ChicagoA group discussion co-facilitated by Zoë Van Schyndel CFA, Evergreen Faculty Member and entrepreneur and Cliff Missen ’85, Director of WiderNet Project and an instructor in the School of Library and Information Science at the University of Iowa. Sponsored by the Office of Alumni Programs and the Evergreen Alumni Association.

Program Overview

Join us as we explore the perils and pitfalls of going global. Zoë, Cliff and seminar participants will delve into issues such as: 

  • Making smart and ethical decisions around entrepreneurial expansion;
  • Knowing your constituents/clients/customers: their cultures, languages, customs and habits;
  • Understanding our privilege and empowering our partners;
  • Role of planning, persistence and serendipity;
  • Managing organizational complexity and development;
  • Finding and leveraging a global entrepreneurial network;
  • Is big always better? How do you decide if your business should grow?

There will also be ample time for participants to network with each other and reconnect with Evergreen. Below is the agenda for the session (feel free to join us for all or just part of the day).


This seminar is taking place at the Union League Club in Chicago. Located at 65 West Jackson Boulevard Chicago, Illinois 60604-3598.

3:00 – 4:00pm – Tour of art at the Union League Club
4:00 – 5:00pm – Reception
5:00 – 7:00pm – Seminar
7:00 – 9:00pm – Optional dinner afterwards, location TBD
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Seminar Facilitators


Zoë Van Schyndel teaches entrepreneurship, investments and business at Evergreen. She has extensive experience in sustainability, inves tments,  clean technology and environmentalism. A Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), she is also the practice leader of Gaia Human Capital Consultants' Green Employee Benefits consulting business. Zoë, who served as a New England regional manager at the Securities and Exchange Commission, has written about ethics, green tech, and socially responsible investments. She co-founded Sustainable Responsible Investment Management (SRI); was instrumental in initiating one of the first socially responsible exchange-traded funds; and led the development of the KL D/Russell Mellon family of socially responsible indexes. Zoë earned her MBA from Northeastern University.

Headshot of Cliff MissenCliff Missen '85

Cliff Missen is the director of the WiderNet Project and an Instructor in the School of Library and Information Science at the University of Iowa.

With over 25 years’ experience in African development and information technology, Missen oversees WiderNet’s efforts to improve digital communications in developing countries.  He leads the development of the eGranary Digital Library, an innovative way to deliver the world’s knowledge to poor people with inadequate Internet access.  This “Internet in a Box” contains over 30 million educational resources and is installed in more than 450 schools, hospitals, clinics, and universities in Africa, India, Bangladesh, and Haiti  (as well as some prisons in the US). His current project is to engage entrepreneurs in dozens of countries to promote, install, and, most importantly, train users of the digital library.  

Missen was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Jos, Nigeria, in 1999 and a TED Fellow in 2007. While a student at Evergreen, Missen founded Wellspring Africa, a non-profit organization that promotes simple hand-powered water well drilling, and he continues to train drillers worldwide. 

Seminar Host 

Patrick Schauer

Patrick Schauer is the father of Marguerite, a sophomore at Evergreen. A practicing attorney, Patrick founded the Chicago-area law firm of Schauer & Associates. He is active in several donor, community and school organizations including the John Evans Club of Northwestern University (his undergraduate alma mater), the alumni board of the Indiana University School of Law (where he earned his law degree) and the Indiana Society of Chicago.

Suggested Advanced Viewing and Reading

TED Talk: Navigating our Global Future,” video presentation by Ian Goldin, Director of the 21st Century School at Oxford.

TED Talk: Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala on aid versus trade,” video presentation by Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the former Finance Minister of Nigeria.

Does the free market corrode moral character? A conversation between scholars, scientists and public figures.

Please reflect on the stated values in Evergreen’s Social Contract and be prepared to discuss how these values inform your business ethics and your life.

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The goal of the Traveling Seminar Series is to bring together members of the extended Evergreen community to rekindle the joy of intellectual exploration.