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Experimental Theatre and Puppet Theatre

CANCELLED Last Updated: 03/11/2009

Spring quarter

Faculty: Ariel Goldberger experimental performance, experimental puppet theater, Théâtre d’Objet

Faculty Signature Required: Students must submit an application for admission into the program. Application forms will be available by mid-February, 2009 through the Seminar II Program Secretary's office (A2117) and the Communication Building Information Office (3rd floor). For more information contact Ariel Goldberger (arielg@evergreen.edu). Applications received by the Academic Fair, March 4, 2009, will be given priority. Qualified students will be accepted until the program fills.

Major areas of study include experimental puppet theatre, experimental performance, Théâtre d’Objet, dance, music, installation, hybrid art, and multimedia, depending on student projects.

Class Standing: Sophomores or above; transfer students welcome.

This program aims to engage students in an intensive study of experimental puppet and object theatre (ThéÂtre d'Objet) through the development of performance projects. This aim will be implemented through a pedagogy organized around seven integrated tracks: performance, technique, theory, body, text, critique, and seminar. Participants will study innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to experimental performance by developing performance projects, studying readings on avant-garde and contemporary performance, and video recordings.

In this program we will strive to generate an artistic learning community with the goal of creating performances using puppets and object theatre. The program will require intensive rehearsals, and copious dedication of time and effort. For students who have an interest in experimental world-class puppetry and performance, the program will strive to offer opportunities to expand performance skills, theoretical awareness, and technical expertise, while developing an ability to think in complex analytical and critical modes about performance events. The program will also be a laboratory for the development of a teaching model based on interdisciplinary pedagogical modes, intuitive thinking, focus on artistic process, holistic approaches, imaginative thinking, self-directed learning, and collaborative work.

This program welcomes enthusiastic and motivated students ready to do intensive work. Students should be prepared to apply their interests to performance projects that explore re-definitions of what we understand as puppet theatre, and invest effective time outside of scheduled class times to rehearse and prepare their performance projects. Weekly work-in-progress critiques, developed with student facilitation, will focus on each project's progress. Students will begin work starting from "known" ideas based on project descriptions, and will develop the projects towards the discovery of unexpected and surprising results. The program will culminate with in-class performances, or a public performance, at the discretion of the faculty.

Credits: 16 per quarter

Enrollment: 25

Books: www.tescbookstore.com

Special Expenses: $200 for studio supplies and theatre tickets, plus special expenses depending on the student’s individual projects.

Program is preparatory for careers and future studies in puppet and object theatre, performing arts, and in fields that require imagination, collaborative skills and management skills.

Planning Units: Expressive Arts

Program Revisions

Date Revision
March 11th, 2009 This program has been cancelled.