2008-09 Catalog

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Program Description

Individual Study: Environmental Studies

NEW! Last Updated: 04/15/2008

Fall quarter

Faculty: Erik V. Thuesen biology, environmental studies

Academic web site: www.evergreen.edu/individualstudy

Faculty Signature Required: To enroll, students must develop an Individual Learning Contract in consultation with Erik Thuesen. Interested students who have a project in mind should e-mail their proposal to Erik Thuesen, and arrange an appointment. For information, contact Erik Thuesen at thuesene@evergreen.edu.

Major areas of study include student's individual course of study and research.

Class Standing: Juniors or seniors; transfer students welcome.

Individual Studies offers opportunities for advanced students to create their own course of study and research. Prior to the beginning of fall quarter, interested individual students or small groups of students must consult with the faculty sponsor about their proposed projects. The project is then described in an Individual Learning Contract. The faculty sponsor will support students to do research in environmental studies (preference given to projects centered in the Pacific Northwest), biology, ecology and marine science. Students wishing to conduct laboratory-based projects or environmental fieldwork should have the appropriate skills needed to carry out the work.

Credits: 8, 12 or 16 per quarter

Enrollment: 25

Internship Possibilities: Yes, with instructor approval.

Books: www.tescbookstore.com

Program is preparatory for careers and future studies in environmental studies, biological sciences and research.

Planning Units: Environmental Studies

Program Revisions

Date Revision
April 15th, 2008 Erik Thuesen has joined the contract pool for fall 2008, sponsoring contracts in environmental studies, biology, ecology and marine science.