2008-09 Catalog

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Program Description

Marine Life: Marine Science Research

Last Updated: 11/14/2007

Spring quarter

Faculty: Erik V. Thuesen zoology

Major areas of study include marine biology and oceanography. 16 upper-division science credits.

Class Standing: Juniors or seniors; transfer students welcome.

Prerequisites: Either of the previous quarters of Marine Life or an equivalent background.

This program is the capstone program to the Marine Life sequence following the Biological Oceanography (fall) and Marine Ecology (winter) programs. Students will carry out an independent scientific research project in marine biology working individually or in small teams. Proposals for projects will have been developed during the Biological Oceanography and/or Marine Ecology programs, or through direct consultation with faculty before the program begins. Projects will involve extensive field work and/or lab work. They may be undertaken locally or in a distant location. Students will gather and analyze their own data, write a technical research report, and present their results in a symposium at the end of the quarter.

Students are expected to work independently, but will have weekly consultation with faculty in person or via e-mail. Examples of previous projects include following the development of a spring diatom bloom in relation to silicon concentrations, examining effects of hypoxia on expression of heatshock proteins in jellyfish, and elucidating relationships of commensal infaunal organisms.

Credits: 16 per quarter

Enrollment: 25

Books: www.tescbookstore.com

Program is preparatory for careers and future studies in marine sciences, environmental sciences and biological research.

Planning Units: Environmental Studies