2008-09 Catalog

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Student Originated Studies: Community Learning

NEW! Last Updated: 05/18/2009

Winter quarter

Faculty: Joye Hardiman Cultural Studies, Education and Performance

Major areas of study include social justice, cultural literacy, education, social services organizations serving youth and special needs populations, immigrants’ rights organizations, agriculture and food security, homelessness and affordable housing, non-profit organizations, documentation and working across cultural differences.

Class Standing: Sophomores or above; transfer students welcome.

Prerequisites: Interested students should contact Joye Hardiman by e-mail (hardimwj@evergreen.edu). Group projects and multiple students at the same internship organization will receive priority consideration, as will SOS students continuing from the fall.

Student Originated Studies: Community-Based Learning offers opportunities for well-prepared students to create their own course of study and research. In addition at least four credits of each student's work will be in collaboration with other students in the program. Options will include seminar discussions of topics relevant for students interested in community studies, dialogues with students enrolled in ‘Telling the untold Story' program, appreciative inquiry workshops, workshops organized by staff and faculty working at the Center for Community-Based Learning and Action, and a weekly check-in to discuss ongoing learning. The faculty has broad experience working with students from across the curriculum who are interested in integrating and applying their learning through community-based research, learning, activism and performance.

Credits: 8, 12 or 16 per quarter

Enrollment: 12

Internship Possibilities: winter with faculty approval

Books: www.tescbookstore.com

Program is preparatory for careers and future studies in cultural studies, community development and sustainability, education, public policy and performing arts.

Planning Units: Culture, Text and Language, Expressive Arts, 8-12 Credit Programs