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Latino USA

Winter 2012 quarter

Arleen Sandifer law, Spanish, bilingual/ELL education
Fields of Study
American studies and cultural studies
Currently, one in every five students in elementary school in the U.S. comes from a home where Spanish is the most-spoken language.  Already Latinos constitute the largest ethnic minority in several of the largest U.S. states.  What are some of the ways that this demographic shift is affecting U.S. culture?  How are Latino cultures affected/changed by their presence in the U.S.?  What are some of the issues that we need to face and resolve together as we undergo this transition?  These questions will be some of the guiding questions in this course as we study Latino culture as it exists in the U.S. while exploring how current and historical issues are framing the debates around education and immigration and what it means to be "Latino" in the U.S.  A basic knowledge of Spanish will be helpful, but not necessary.
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10a-2p Sat
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