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Nature and Value of Life

Winter 2012 and Spring 2012 quarters

Stephen Beck philosophy , Karen Hogan ecology, plant biology
Fields of Study
ecology and philosophy
In this program we'll explore the connections between human evolutionary biology and ethics.  What are our ethical or moral values, and where do they come from?  Is it correct, as evolutionary psychologists would argue, that our fundamental ethical values are innate and function to facilitate social interactions?  In what sense, if any, are ethical claims correct or incorrect; and if they are, how can we justify them?  Are we evolutionarily unique among Earth’s species and, if so, does that uniqueness give us special moral obligations towards other species?  We will study the fundamentals of biological evolution, and we’ll read and discuss classic and modern works on moral and ethical philosophy.  Credit will be awarded in biology and ethical philosophy.
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6-10p Tue/Wed, 10a-5:30p Sat (five Saturdays per quarter, winter: Jan. 14, 28; Feb. 11, 25; March 10; spring: April 7, 21; May 5, 19; June 2 )
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