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Projects in Experimental Media and Music


Spring 2012 quarter

Naima Lowe media arts, media and film, experimental media , Ben Kamen music technology and theory
Fields of Study
media arts, media studies, moving image and music
Preparatory for studies or careers in
Media production, electronic music, visual arts.
MediaWorks , Experimental Music and/or Intro to Electronic Music. Preference for this program is given to students who have completed these prerequisites in the 2011-12 academic year, however students with equivalent experience in the history, theory and practice of experimental music, electronic music and/or media are welcome to apply.

As an extension of the MediaWorks , Experimental Music and Intro to Electronic Music Programs (taught in Fall and Winter 2011 by Naima Lowe and Ben Kamen), students will have the opportunity to explore the shared histories, theories and practices of post-modern, conceptual, and experimental media and music. Our work will complicate the commonly perceived relationships between music and moving image (the music video or the movie soundtrack) by focusing on collaboration, interactivity, installation and performance. Thematically, we will also address issues of the how the development of particular technologies have influenced experimental media and music. The program will have three key components:

1) The execution of weekly collaborative group assignments that enhance and develop skills in media and music production, performance, installation, and interactivity.

2) The development of a quarter long independent project that combines concepts and practices from experimental media and music. This project will also include a research paper on an artist or art practice that relates to the creative work.

3) A weekly seminar will include readings and screenings oriented towards approaches to contemporary experimental music and media including performance, installation, collaboration, collectivism, and abstraction, while also studying the histories of media and musical technologies that have influenced work in these fields. We will also take occasional short field trips to local and regional venues showcasing experimental music and media. 

Program Applications will be available by February 2012. 

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Required Fees
$50 for production supplies.
Special Expenses
$100-$200 for independent project work.
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October 17th, 2011 New offering added.