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Thinking it Through: Ethics at Work


Fall 2011 quarter

Stephen Beck philosophy , Joli Sandoz academic and creative writing, U.S. literature, research methods in the humanities
Fields of Study
business and management, leadership studies and philosophy
Preparatory for studies or careers in
business, ethics

What's the right thing to do when as an employee you witness illegal actions?  Whose interests should take priority in pricing and hiring decisions?  What choices can you make when your supervisor tells you to ignore company policy?  Employees sometimes face situations such as these that suggest a conflict between being a good employee and being a good person.  We will study several approaches to ethical decision making in conjunction with the Washington State Ethics law, case studies, films, and short fiction in order to clarify issues faced at work.  This course meets in conjunction with the program Ethics in the Workplace: Theory and Practice. (You may enroll either in Ethics in the Workplace for 8 credits or Thinking It Through for 4 credits, but you may not enroll in both.)

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5:30-9:30p Wed
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September 8th, 2011 Added note to explain registration options.
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