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Recent activity in the Archives at TESC

A number of newly digitized versions of original audio and video tapes are available for public consumption as soon as a server site has been identified to place them so that they can be linked to the Archives' finding aids. Included is the six or so hours of deliberations by the College planners (before the hiring of the Planning Faculty) over the two day College Planning Conference that took place February 8th and 9th of 1970.

As we are able we will be adding links to these materials on the Archives web pages.

Work Study People Doing Excellent Work

Christian Alviso continues in his role of master scanner, digitizing various content of newsletters and other publications, Faculty meeting minutes, etc.

Other Work-Study participants in the Archives enterprise include:

Rachel Carlson, currently out with her Academic Program but promising to return in December to continue re-organizing the Archives' Poster Collection consisting of artwork by student's, staff and faculty of The Evergreen State College as well as some "special collections" posters from the "Chicano Posters" collection and others.

Desiree Garrett, who came to us equipped with the incredible skills of having worked on video and film projects and is accustomed to providing the descriptions for these ephemeral formats. She is working at digitizing as many of the analog versions of the College's visually documented events as she can get through in her time here while being sure to identify as much information about each piece as possible.

Jessie Herzog, who is learning the ropes on how to do the same thing that Desiree is doing for the collection of audio reel to reel tapes and audio cassettes within the various accessions in the Archives.

Orbis-Cascade Alliance Content Creation & Dissemination Program (CCD) News

The CCD is working towards finalizing several projects for the year including a revision of standard practices for finding aids preparation and a study to determine the benefits of the Alliance being a node for the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA). The new website christened Archives West has been up and running now for about six months. There is a nifty map which when used will take you directly to the repository in the Alliance's geographic region whose collections you may wish to check for pertinent research materials.

Unknown Staff Members, students or persons present at campus events - can you identify the person on the far left?


Kort Jungel (far right) passed away on November 17th so this is a kind of memorial to him and his many years of service to the College.

Faculty Papers

Two recent arrivals include additions to the papers of Pete Sinclair and the newly acquired papers of David Hitchens, both distinguished scholars and superb teachers. See the Accession Register under Accession 1976-12 for further information and access.

The historical mind of first founding Dean of the Arts and Humanities and later faculty member Charles Teske is providing Archives users with some historical insight. Known as the memory of the institution, Charlie has provided his memories of occurances during the development and beginning operation years in two series of writings: Tales of the Early Evergreen and Notes to a Future Historian. which can be accessed from his Archives Personal Papers web page: http://archives.evergreen.edu/1976/1976-12/teske_c/home.htm



Please send any comments regarding Archives and Special collections to the Associate Dean of Library Services Andrea Heisel (heisela@evergreen.edu) or the head of Archives and Special Collections: Randolph Stilson (archives@evergreen.edu).

If you have suggestions for acquisitions of primary documentation please consider the College's curriculum - how these materials might be used to further the education of students attending Evergreen or further document the history and culture of The Evergreen State College.

New Hours for the Archives and Special Collections

Due to budget cuts in the fall of last year, the Archivist is only available 10 hours per week. This has forced the Archives to shorten it's hours. Current open times are as follows (This is 18 hours per week but users should call ahead as 10 of these hours are devoted to the College's Records Management Function and there is no guarantee that the Archivist will be available to help with research without making an appointment.

Monday & Tuesday      8:00 -  11:30 a.m.,  12:30 a.m.- 4:00 p.m                     .
Thursday                       8:00 a.m.- 11:30 p.m.


This is an employee or student employee in Media Repair circa the middle of 1970's.
Who is this person?


Yes. There really were primitive computers in the old days - but who is this using it?

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