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Geoduck Archives News of the Moment: September 2016


Recent activity in the Archives at TESC

Recently added to the Archives' web site include conference papers from the September 8 -10, 1981 Alternative Higher Education & Its Relevance to the 1980's (see Accession 1982-09 for access).

Other additions include:

  • A revised "Art and Poster" Inventory
  • Some additional photograph identification in the Photo Images collections (available on the Photo-Services web site).

A potential addition coming: Cascadia Bioregional Archive. This collection will highlight the part that The Evergreen State College and people from the Cascadia Bioregion played in this national movement to more closely integrate the geographic regions of the country with their ability to self-sustain based on the region's climate, resources, and other criteria. The Archives also holds the Appropriate Technology Collection which has some similar characteristics to the materials to be provided in the Cascadia Bioregion collection.


Work Study People: NEW HIRES

While Desiree Garrett is returning this year to continue her work on the College's video collection, three new people are being hired this fall.

Two of these three hired so far include:

David Parker, who in addition to working here over the next academic year will also be studying inBiology, Chemistry: Nutrition and Ecology and volunteering in a lot of other activities.

Dylan Parry, who has worked in writing, editing and shooting films amongst other previous experiences.

The last position remains open at this writing awaiting candidates who have submitted their applications but who haven't had the opportunity to be interviewed. This last position will be taking over the place held for the past four years by Christian Alviso who graduated last spring. The person in this position will also be involved in the year long metadata enhancement Cooper Point Journal project (see "Grant News").

Orbis-Cascade Alliance Content Creation & Dissemination Program (CCD) News

Beginning later this year, the TESC Archives will be in the first cohort of Orbis-Cascade Alliance CCD members to go through the conversion process that will change our finding aid production process from use of Archivist's Toolkit to the web based ArchivesSpace. This effort will entail going through the 40+ resource entities that we have submitted in the past four or five years to Archives West and translating the content into the new system, being sure to maintain standards including the new "Bublin Core" metadata standards that the CCD has recently instigated. A revision of the operating procedures currently used to create finding aids will also be part of the changes.

Grant News

Beginning in September, one or more of our lucky work-study students, volunteers and anyone else available will have the opportunity to work on the Cooper Point Journal Metadata Enhancement project being funded by the Washington State Library. The process will ensure that the student newspaper will be thoroughly documented with information supplied including people, places, things, and dates things happened so that anyone researching what happened at The Evergreen State College (and who advertised in the paper for example) will be able to know which paper to look in for the information they are seeking. Part of the project will be the digitization of all issues of the CPJ so that when the metadata is enhanced, researchers will be able to find the precise article they need to read.

Unknown Staff Members, students or persons present at campus events - can you identify?


Faculty Papers

Three recent arrivals include additions to the papers of Lucia Harrison, Cheri Lucas-Jennings and Setsucko Tsutsumi

See the Accession Register under Accession 1976-12 for further information and access.

Additional memories of first founding Dean of the Arts and Humanities and later faculty member
Charles Teske continue to provide Archives users with some historical insight. Known as the
memory of the institution, Charlie has provided his memories of occurances during the
development and beginning operation years in two series of writings:
Tales of the Early Evergreen
and Notes to a Future Historian. which can be accessed from his
Archives Personal Papers web page: http://archives.evergreen.edu/1976/1976-12/teske_c/home.htm

Volunteer Madie McGriff has completed processing the papers of Faculty Member Ratna Roy. The publication of a finding aid is imminent. Look for it in Archives West or in the Library Catalog under author or subject Roy, Ratna (or The Ratna Roy Papers if using a title search).


Please send any comments regarding Archives and Special collections to the Associate Dean of Library Services Andrea Heisel (heisela@evergreen.edu) or the head of Archives and Special Collections: Randolph Stilson (archives@evergreen.edu).

If you have suggestions for acquisitions of primary documentation please consider the College's curriculum - how these materials might be used to further the education of students attending Evergreen or further document the history and culture of The Evergreen State College.

Hours for the Archives and Special Collections

Due to budget cuts in the fall of last year, the Archivist is only available 10 hours per week. This has forced the Archives to shorten it's hours. Current open times are as follows (This is 18 hours per week but users should call ahead as 10 of these hours are devoted to the College's Records Management Function and there is no guarantee that the Archivist will be available to help with research without making an appointment.

Monday & Tuesday      8:00 -  11:30 a.m.,  12:30 a.m.- 4:00 p.m                     .
Thursday                       8:00 a.m.- 11:30 p.m.

Beginning in September an additional 6 hours per week will be added to the Archivist's schedule. These six hours will be devoted soley to working on the Cooper Point Journal metadata enhancement project but the Archives and Special Collections will be open during those hours.


Who is this and what office is she working for?

Launching of the good ship Seawulff


Who did the honors? And who was observing?

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