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Alaska Native Self Government Tribal Gaming
American Indian Health Services for Ineligibles State/Tribal
Cultural Property/Intellectual Property Indigenous Newsletters
Federal Trust Reform Tribal Economic Development
History of Self Government Tribal Governance
Indigenous: First Nations  
Indigenous: Maori  
Maori Self Government - Criminal Justice (2 folders)  
Misc. Articles for Indian Curriculum  
NW Tribes Historical Studies  
Revenue Sharing  
Revolution of Federal Reservations to Tribes and States  
Treaty Management of Trust Resources ( files)  
Treaty Rights Q's and A's  
Tribal Budget Policies  
Tribal Constitution
Tribal Constitution - Policies and Practices Tribal TANF
Tribal Control of Trust 135
Tribal Courts
Tribal Economic Development - Business Income and Tax Income
Tribal Economic Development - Gaming Impacts Tribal Gaming WSG
Tribal Economic Development -Lummi Vision
Tribal Economic Development: Ray Cross Article, Deregulate Indian Economy
Tribal Enrollment Policies
Tribal Gaming - Revenue Sharing
Tribal Government Constitution
Tribal Government Structure
Tribal Government, Administrative Procedures
Tribal TANF
Tribal Tax Policy
Economic Development
Business Development
Ciggerette Tax Study
Community Investments
Contribution of WA Tribes Report
Economic Contributions of WA Tribes Report
Data from Tribes
Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development
Letters to Tribes
Rainmaker Capital Group
Small Business Investment
Tax Exemption
Taxes WA Tribes
Taxing Tribes
Tribal Contributions Project Matrix
WA Dept of Revenue & Tribes
Misc. Articles for Economic Development
Helping People in Your Community Understand Basic Financial Services Tools for Financial Services
Arizona State University  
Assembly of Alaskan Native Educators  
Curriculum Research/ Evaluation  
Education-Various Essays  
Native American Prep Schools  
Native Educator Conference 2001  
NW Indian College  
Portland State  
Reading & The Native Learner  
South Puget Sound Community College  
Tribal Leadership Institute  
U of Brittish Columbia  
U of Oregon  
U of Victoria B.C.  
Native American Studies Faculty Symposium July 04  
Natural Resource Management/ Environmental Science  
Canada-First Nations  
Endangered Species Act  
Environmental Protection Agency  
Environmental Resources  
Forest Restoration Management Planning  
Govt to Govt Relations-Natural Resources Management  
Proposal for Intertribal Timber Council - Portland OR Pilot Study NW Forest Plan Consultation w/ Tribal Governments Under the NW Forest Plan (Alan Parker TESC)
Northwest Forest Plan  
NFP Tribal Monitoring Plan & Proposal  
NFP Resources  
Pacific NW Tribes  
Salmon Recovery Restoration  
Shoreline Management Act  
Southwest Tribes  
Watershed Management Restoration  
Connections of the Salmon: Sustaining Your Economy and Culture Salmon Homecoming Forum Sept 10, 1999
Tribal Gaming  
Gaming Reports  
Impacts of Tribal Gaming Study 2002  
Recreational Gaming Asssociation  
WA State Gambling Commission  
Tribal Organizations  
Association of WA Tribes  
Affliated Tribes of NW Indians  
Center for World Indigenous Studies  
Chippewa Cree  
National Congress of American Indians
NCAI News Misc
NCAI 2001
NCAI 2002
National Indian Gaming Association
National Indian Policy Center
Native American Rights Fund
NARF Newsletters
NW Indian Fisheries Commission
NW Indian Urban Council
South Puget Intertribal Planning Agency
Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs
American Bar Foundation
Harvard Black Letter Law
Kansas Journal of Law and Public Policy
National Indian Justice Center
Tribal Justice Act
Tribal Judges Association
University of Michigan Law
Yale Law Journal
Buy Indian Act
Historic Preservation Act
Indian Religious Freedom Act
Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act
MPA Tribal - State Fiscal Study
Fiscal Relations
Labrador Tea
MPA Student Paper/ Tribal-State Relation
New Mexico
Public Lands Inventory Project
Resource Materials
WA State Tribal Training Manual
Native Hawaiian
Alaskan Native
Canada-First Nations
Gitxsan-British Columbia
Various Tribes
Pacific NW
Native American Foods Project - In Kind Contributions
Native Foods Letter of Support
Native Foods Project 2000
Native Foods Systems Speakers & Participants 2000
SPIPA/ NIAR/ WSU 2000 Project Native Foods
Workshop Speakers Native Foods 2001
Native Foods Project Video
Native Foods 1999
Native Foods Resources
Skok Medicinal Plant Garden
Native Plant Resources
Native Foods Various Publications
Project Coordinator Files
Food Safety Pamphlet
Nutritional Info Booklet
Tribal Seafoods Jamestown/ Suquamish
Tribes/ Newsletters
Chehalis/Chehalish Tribe
Colville/Colville Tribe
Hoh/Hoh Tribe
News from Indian Country (Newsletters)
Jamestown S'Klallam
Kalispel/ Kalispel Tribe
Lower Elwha/Lower Elwha Tribe
Port Gamble S'Klallam
Quinault/Joe DelaCruz
Shoalwater Bay
Squaxin Island
Upper Skagit
Misc. Correspondence
Periodicals Newspaper articles (tribal issues)
Indigenous Language Workship
Language Revitalization
Self-Governance Communication and Education
Self-Governance Demonstration Project
Department of Health Tribes
Department of Health Tribes Indian Health
Info on Co-ops
BIA Policies
case studies
Conventions 1997-1998
Native American Indigenous Peoples Project 1997  
The Convention of Biological Diversity ---Paper 1999 Carter W. Hick
Anthropoloty and Folklore  
Art Issues  
Trademark "Made by Indian"  
Leavenworth Summit November 1999  
International Indigenous Nations Teaty/Cultural Property  
Participants Cultural Property  
19 & 20 Prepatory Meeting Information  
Letters of Support  
Canadian Tribes  
Native Scholar Conference 2002  
Population Statistics  
OFM 1998 Population Estimate  
Reservation Roster Size/Populatin of all tribes/reservations  
US Census Bureau  
Washington State Racial and Ethnic Disparities Report  
Research Centers --- Washington State  
Public Policy Impacts on American Economic Development  
Indian Tribes as Governments (second edition) Charles Wilkinson & The American Indian Resources Institute
Eagle Down is Our Law MILLS
Braid of Feathers Frank Pommersheim
The Roots of Dependency Richard White
Reflections on Tribal Governance in Montana Kenneth L. Weaver
The Great Father Francis Paul Prucha
The Great Father (Volume I and II unabridged) Francis Paul Prucha
As We Are Now (Mixblood essays on race and identity) William S. Penn
The Problem of Justice Bruce G. Miller
Tribal Water Management Handbook American Indian Resources Institute
A People's History of the United States 1942-Present Howard Zinn
Contemporary Native American Political Issues edited by Troy R. Johnson
Changes in the Land (Indians, Colonists, and the Ecology of New England) William Cronon
Captured Heritage The Scramble for Northwest Coast Artifacts Douglas Cole
Indians in the Making Ethnic Relations and Indian Identities around Puget Sound Alexandra Harmon
United States Code Annotated Title 25 - Indians 441 to end Dennis DeConcini
Federal Indian Law Consolidation, Revision, and Codification FINAL REPORT  
American Indian Urbanization Edited by Jack O. Waddell/O. Michael Watson
Implementation on the Tribal Self-Governance Demonstration Project Hearing before the Committee on Indian Affairs
Proposed Amendments to the American Indian Religious Freedom Act Part 3 Hearing before the Committee on Indian Affairs
Religious Freedom Act Amendments Hearing before the Committee on Indian Affairs
American Indian Policy Review Commission Submitted to Congress May 17, 1977
Final Report of the American Indian Policy Review Commission - Volume One Submitted to Congress May 17, 1977
Proposed Amendments to the American Indian Religious Freedom Act Part 4  
Federal Programs of Assistance to American Indians Richard S. Jones
Fiscal Year 1995 Hearing before the Committee on Indian Affairs
Federal Administration and Structure of Indian Affairs Final Report American Indian Policy Review Comm.
Federal, State and Tribal Jurisdiction Final Report American Indian Policy Review Comm.
Trust Responsibilities and the Federal Indian Relationship Final Report American Indian Policy Review Comm.
Report on Federal Indian Law Consolidation, Revision, and Codification Final Report Task Force #9 Law Consolidation, Revision, and Codification
Implementation of Amendments to the Indian Self-Determination Act Hearing before the Select Committee on Indian Affairs US Senate
American Indian Law William C. Canby, Jr.
National Indian Policy Center Hearing before the Committee on Indian Affairs
American Indian Law Cases and Materials Robert N. Clinton, Nell Jessup Newton, Monroe E. Price
Native American Free Exercise of Religion Act Hearing before the Committee on Indian Affairs US Senate
Department of the Interior and Realted Agencies Apprpriations Bill, 1995 submitted by Mr. Byrd, from the Committee on Appropriations
Honoring Nations Tribal Governance Success Stories 2002 The Harvard Projection American Indian Economic Development
Crazy Horse A Life Larry McMurtry
Tribal Sovereignty and the Historical Imagination Loretta Fowler
When Teams Work Best LaFasto Larson
Damned Lies and Statistics Joel Best
Understanding Nonprofit Organizations J. Steven Ott
Public Administration Understanding Management, Politics, and Law in the Public Sector David H. Rosenbloom and Robert S. Kravchuk
Introduction to the Practice of Statistics Fourth Edition David S. Moore and George P. McCabe
Government Is Us Public Administration in an Anti-Government Era Cheryl Simrell King, Camilla Stivers and Collaborators
The Globalization Syndrome James H. Mittelman
Beyond Machiavelli Policy Analysis Comes of Age Beryl A. Radin
Reframing Organizations Second Edition Alee G. Bolman
Writing Ethnographic Fieldnotes Robert M. Emerson, Rachel I. Fretz, and Linda L. Shaw
Agendas, Alternatives, and Public Policies Second Edition John W. Kingdon
Does Your Government Measure Up? William D. Coplin and Carol Dwyer
Banishing Bureaucracy David Osborne and Peter Plastrik
Politics Position and Power Harold Seidman
Writing for Social Scientists Howard S. Becker with a chapter by Pamela Richards
Chasing the Red, White and Blue David Cohen
Encounters: Models for an Intergrated Approach to Early WA Territorial & State History Llyn De Danaan, Ph.D.
For Indigenous Eyes Only S. Harjo, M. Pavel, C. Pewewardy, R. Porter, J. Riding In, M. Doxtate, W. Wilson, M. Yellow Bird
States and Tribes: Building New Traditions  
Welfare Reform on Tribal Lands Examples of State-Tribal Collaboration  
Economic Development in Tribal Reservations and Rural Communities  
Tribal Trust Lands: From Litigation to Consultation  
Improving State-Tribal Relations An Introduction  
Traffic Safety on Tribal Lands  
Indian Gaming in the States Dispelling Myts and Highlighting Advantages  
Homeland Security and Indian Country  
Piecing Together the State-Tribal Tax Puzzle  
Interview with Keith Egawa  
Columbus, the Truth behind the Myth  
Colonization Effects from First Encounter through US Federal Policy  
Lesson Plan: Archaelogical Sites in Washington State  
States and Tribes: Building New Traditions  
The Imaginary Indian, The Image of the Indian in Canadian Culture Daniel Francis
How to Use the Curriculum Guide  
(Letter by Cheree Potts and Email to Jennifer Scott)  
Lesson Plan: Native American Economics, Econ Contributions of Native Amer to WA State  
Curriculum Development  
Lesson Plan: Per-Assessment  
Lesson Plan: Timeline Perspective  
Lesson Plan: Contemporary Issues/Leonard Peltier  
Hunting and Gathering  
Lesson Plan  
Rain Maker  
Skokomish T & C Project Sites  
Seattle Weekly: Showdown on the Skokomish newsclipping/ 1 photocopy by Eric Scigliano
Comprehensive Plan Skokomsih Indian Reservation by The latourell Associates, Seattle WA
Article: Tribe, utility negotiate water rights Bremerton, The Sun (newsclipping)
Misc Correspondence  
The News Tribune: Inagural Ball 1993 PHOTO Donald, Anne and Joseph Pavel Thursday, January 14, 1993 photo cretit Peter Haley
P-I Clipping: Skokomish Tribe now wants dams out Larry Lange P-I Reporter Wednesday, August 11, 1993
Portrait of the Skokomish  
WSAC T & C / Project Sites / State  
Annual Convention, Ocean Shores June 1992  
Tribal/County Alliance Meeting November 1993  
Project Sites/Point No Point  
Quinault, Jefferson County, TNC/Project sites  
NASL T&C/Project Partners/National Misc articles  
NCAI T & C/ Project Partners/ National Misc articles  
NWIFC T & C/ Project Partners/ Regional Misc articles  
NWPPA T & C/ Project Partners/ Regional Misc articles  
NWTPF T & C/ Project Partners/ Regional Misc articles  
Western Planner T&C Project Partners/Regional
Rasmussen: Embracing Local Land-Use Decisions T&C Papers
Cultural Survival Fall 95 (SS) T & C/ Papers Submitted
Landscape & Urban Planning Fall 95 (SS) T&C/ Papers Submitted
People We Work With T&C: Marjane Ambler; Tim Coulter
Press T&C
NRRC: Indian Land Tenure and Economic Development Project Phase I
Project Partners T&C; National T&C/Project Partners; NACO T&C/ Project Partners/NatL
Hood Canal Coordinating Council T&C
Indian Issues T&C; Fishing, Hunting Rights T&C/ Indian Issues
Kilpatrick Article T&C/ Indian Issues
Selected Bibliography T&C/ Indian Issues
Wisconsin T&C/ Indian Issues
Self-Governance T&C/ Indian Issues
Taxes T&C/ Indian Issues
Indian Land Tenure & Economic Development Project-Swinomish T&C
Personnel-Intern Search T&C/ Indian Land Tenure & Econ Dev Project Swinomish  
Press T&C/ Indian Land Tenure & Econ Dev Project-Swinomish  
Technical Work Group T&C / Indian Land Tenure & Econ Dev Project-Swinomish  
Letters of Endorsement T&C  
Memoranda of Understanding T&C  
Organizations T&C; Misc T&C/ Organizations  
Universities, Junior Colleges T&C/ Organizations  
Klamath Heartlands (A guide to the Klamath Reservation Forest Plan)  
False Promises Story based on historical research by E. Richard Hart
Drum Beat for Mother Earth Indigenous Environment Network
Treaty Indian Fisheries and Salmon Recovery Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission
The Tribunal the Proceedings of Peoples' International Tribunal Hiwaii 1993 Produced by Na Maka o ka 'Aina
Indigenous Economics 1998 Qweesta Pre-conference Session Tape one First Nations Development Institute
Indigenous Economics 1998 Qweesta Pre-conference Session Tape two First Nations Development Institute
Indigenous Economics 1998 Qweesta Pre-conference Session Tape three First Nations Development Institute
empty VHS tapes  
Tu Tangata  
Great Tribal Leaders of Modern Times Preview  
Storytellers of the Pacific #2 Self-Determination 20 Min Vision Maker Video
Storytellers of the Pacific #3 Human Rights 20 Min Vision Maker Video
MABO Life of an Island Man 87 min
The Hawaiians Reflecting Spirit 58 Min Film Works
Welcome to Nunavit 43 Min, 30 sec NFB Videos
Journey Through the Healing Circle 2 hours
Caucus of Tribal Leaders  
TESC Presents Caucus of Native Scholars Political Leaders and Activists 5:00 minutess
NW Indian Fisheries Commission Treaty Indian Fisheries & Salmon Recovery  
Centre for Australian Indigenous Studies CAIS Monash University 11 minutes
NWIFC Joe Delacruz Tape  
NIARI Caucus Video: Joe Delacruz Intro 20 Min; Protecting 20 min; De-Colonization 24 min; Joe Delacruz
Rob Porter Tape 1  
NIARI Tape 2 "Protecting the Cultural Life" 10/05/2000 Rough Cut
NIARI Tape 1 "Intro"  
LH1 Presenter Raymond Reyes  
First American Education Project Group 2 Females  
EYAPAHA Institute: "Immaculate Deception" (The Burning Blanket)  
Return to the Swing Produced by George Amiotte 47 minutes
First American Education Project Group 1 Males  
Haskell Indian Nations University Recruiting Video  
TVW 1999 Salmon Homecoming Forum: The Power of Great Partnerships Panel 9/10/1999 1:52
Paha Sapa: The Struggle for the Black Hills 58 Min George Amiotte
LHS Presenter Window Dub Guy McMinos 2:30-4:15
TESC Native Recruitment Tape  
Dedication to Preservation NWIARI  
Somali Way to Peace 27 Minutes
GULU The Struggle for Peace 36 Minutes
Eagle and the Raven: A Purification by Banishment 80 Minutes
TVW 1999 Salmon Homecoming Forum: Luncheon Address 1:04:30
WA State Dept of Info Services: Tribal Governance Sam Deloria Tape 1 3 hours
WA State Dept of Info Services: Tribal Governance Sam Deloria Tape 2 3 hours
The Tribes Plan: Healing the Skokomish Watershed Oct-95
Cultural Survival: UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues
NIARI Tape 1  
NIARI Tape 4 Dub  
Alan Parker Interviewing 5/6/02 Window Dub  
South Africa: World Conference Agianst Racism Sep-01
NIARI Caucus of Native Leaders, etc  
LHS Presenter Window Dub: Denny Hurtado; Skokomish River and Cushman Dam 4:30-6:00
Warriors Song: Native American Approach to PTSD 40 min
LH 1 Panel: Reyes, Fryberg, Peterson, Trembley, Minugh, Parker  
NIARI Cultural Property Protection 30 Min NIARI Caucus
Tape 4 Intro 10/5/2000
Voices of Water (short video documentation)  
Alan Parker Interview 2/16/00 Window Dub 2/16/2000
Alan Parker Studio Interview  
LHI Presenter: Stephanie Fryberg (window dub) 2:00-3:00
Tape 1 Robert Porter 10/23/2000
Vol 1 "Introductions" Rough Edit 7/12/2000
Tribal Leader Dinner Meeting (window dub) 4/16/2002
Caucus Decolonization and Tribal Government 2/4/2000
# 3: Introduction of the Participants; #2: Intellectual & Cultural Property  
DSHS Tribal Conference (Bruce Miller) 22:54 length 5/26/2004
TESC Native Recruitment Tape  
Dedication to Preservation  
Great Tribal Leaders of Modern Times Preview  
Where Eagles Fly - Tribal Self Governance Project 30 Minutes
1999 Salmon Homecoming Forum: Parternships for Regional Solutions Panel 9/10/99 - 1:06:30
Inside Olympia- A Conversation with Billy Frank, JR. 8/14/2000 1:04
Ku I Ka Mana, Na Hulu Mamo Ohana Way, Tu Tangata-Hawaii (Uniting community w/schools 17 Min 30 sec
NWIFC "The Moon's Prayer" 50:13:00
NWIFC "Through Salmon Eyes" 12:36
1999 Salmon Homecoming Forum: Making Parterners for Processes Panel 0:45
TESC "Telling Our Stories"  
Blood of the Earth: Water Rights on the Flathead Indian Reservation 53 Min
AUAASIS "For Future Generations" 12 Min
NGURUNDERI "A Ngarrindjeri Dreaming" 8 Min
America's Holocaust on Indian Nations 19:00
Casino Research and Development "Cheating at Blackjack" 43 Min
Tribal Soverignty Forum TCTV 12/4/1998
TVW WA State Capital Museum "Session on Treaties, Executive orders, Law & Policy 1:58:45
TVW WA State Capital Museum "Treaties and Health" 1:26:15
TVW WA State Capital Museum "Luncheon keynote with Governor Gregoire" 0:17:30
"Historical Leadership of the Skallam Tribe"  
" NRRC Tribal and Corporate Interactions in the 1990's: Building Successful Relationships Workshop
State- Tribal Relations Training Manual 1990 Governor's Office of Indian Affairs
"People of the Water: A Curriculum on the History & Culture of the Squaxin Island Tribe Teacher Resource (Richard Britz and Curt Eubel)
1998 Sovereignty Rally Washington State Tribal Alliance "Protecting Tribal Sovereignty" Inter-Tribal ATNI Workshop
The Columbus Quincentennial - A Sourcebook Reference Book
Indian Guide On the Use of "Made by American Indians Trademark" Inter-Tribal Agricultural Council (Original Booklet)
Indian Guide On the Use of "Made by American Indians Trademark" Copies
Native American Sacred Lands Forum Report on Forum
Tribal Emergency Management Newsletter October 2002 Newsletter
"The Skokomish River North Fork - An Ethnographic and Historical Study by Karen James Study of Skok River and Culture
2003 Subsistence Use of Salmon Among Puget Sound Tribes Draft - No distribution or citing
"Capitalization Strategies for Communty-Based Nonprofit Organization" First Nations Development Institute
"Fisheries in Puget Sound: Public Good and Private Interest" (M.C.Vernon & J.W.Scott) Center for Pacific NW Studies Western Washington State College
"Tribal Report to the Presidential Taskforce on Treaty Fishing Rights in the NW" Vol 7 # 1 Presented by The Tribes of the Point Elliot Treaty Area on Nov, 16, 1977
"Tribal Report to the Presidential Taskforce on Treaty Fishing Rights in the NW" Vol 5 Presented by The Point No Point Treaty Council
"Tribal Report to the Presidential Taskforce on Treaty Fishing Rights in the NW" Vol 3 Presented by The Quinault Treaty Area
"Tribal Report to the Presidential Taskforce on Treaty Fishing Rights in the NW" Vol 6 Presented by The Medicine Creek Treaty Area
Native American Food Systems NIARI Booklet: Collaborative project of NIARI, SPIPA, and TESC Organic Farm
Tribal Tourism in Washington State Report Report by Govenor's Office of Indian Affairs & Office of Trade and Economic Development
A Travel Guide to Indian Country WA State 2004 Inaugural Issue
WA State Tribal Curriculum  
TESC Native Programs/Brochures  
Longhouse Policies/events/NW Native Arts Symposium/letter to tribes 2001/Cultural Revitalization 2001
MPA Student Surveys 2004  
Culture Cultural Resource Materials/ Cultural Connections: Leslie Korn CWIS
The Rocky Boy's Indian Reservation Chippewa Cree Development Co. Grant Application for Land Purchase
Spruce Root Basketry of the Alaska Tlingit by Frances Paul Book
Pueblo Designs 176 Illustrations of "The Rain Bird" Book of Pueblo Pottery designs
Towards Responsiveness Objective Setting and Evaluation by Maori Partnerships
National Geographic Vol. 185, NO.0 June 1994 Pow-Wow
The Living School: Restoring Natural & Human Communities into Tribal Elem/mid schools MIT Thesis by Michael Andrew Todd
Indian Tribes as Soveriegn Governments 2nd Ed. By Charles Wilkinson A Sourcebook on federal-tribal history, law and policy.
NIGA / NCAI Joint Taskforce on Indian Gaming Briefing Papers Denver, Colorado
Proud Nations Celebrating Tribal Self-Governance by Brent Simcosky w/ Cyndi Holmes Self-Governance Communication and Education Project
The Shoalwater Bay Travelling Exhibit "The Heritage at a Glance" by the Heritage Committee Heritage Committee, Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe Tokeland, WA
Indian Lands and Natural Resources (ATTA) American Training and Technical Assistance (ATTA) Albuquerque, NM
Forest Products Certification: A Sourcebook for Tribal Forest Management and Operations Tribal Forest Enterprises for First Nations Development Institute, 1998
A Short Course on Tribal/County Intergovernmental Coordination 2nd Version NW Renewable Resource Center Planning Association
A Short Course on Tribal/County Intergovernmental Coordination 1st version NW Renewable Resource Center Planning Association
Transportation Guide for Indian Tribal Governments WA State DOT- Tribal Liason Office
Tribal Planning As Strategic Political Action: A Case Study of the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community APA National Planning Conference (Nicholas C. Zaferatos, Ph.D., AICP
American Indian National Bank 10th Anniversary Report 1973-1983 A Visonary Investment in America's Future
Native Power Fuels, Inc Proposal to establish a gasoline distribution enterprise
Nez Perce Tribe Treaty of 1855 SBRA Tribal Briefing Packet May 27, 2004
NARF Legal Review Vol.29, NO.1 Winter/Spring 2004  
Centennial Accord Plan 2003 Dept of Transportation
Indian Tribes As Sovereign Governments (1998-2001) by American Indian Lawyer Training Program AIRI PRESS
"How Can One Sell The Air?" The Manifesto of an Indian Chief (Postscript by) Steef Davidson Indians of North America Oratory
State - Tribal Government -to- Government Relations 1980-1991  
Native American Rights Fund 2003 Annual Report  
WA State Bar News November 2002 Indian Law in the Era of Tribal Self-Determination
Public Law 83.280 jurisdiction; WA State Data Bank - Summary Report and data Prepared by Western Washington Indian Committee
The Sovereignty of American Indian Tribes: A Matter of Legal History by George S.Grossman Minnesota Civil Liberties Union Foundation
The Native American Rights Fund - Indian Education Legal Support Project Draft materials for Tribal Governance in Education
Staff Report WA State Indian Hearing - U.S. Commission on Civil Rights state report
Resolving Indian Conflicts Out of Court - Indian Law Resource Center Dispute resolution
Traditional and Informal Dispute Resolution Processes in Tribes of the Puget Sound reg. The NW Intertribal Court System w/ The Sauk-Suiattle, Skokomish and Swinomish Tribes
American Style Justice In No Man's Land by Peter Nicolas Peter Nicolas
Arizona State Law Journal Vol. 24, NO.1 (NAGPRA Act) Symposium: NAGPRA Act of 1990
Peace and Friendship - Understanding Indian Treaties as Law Curriculum Section
Directory of American Indian and Alaska Native Law School Graduates and Attorneys American Indian Law Center, Inc.
Judicial Enforcement of the Federal Trust Responsibility to Indians By Reid P. Chambers Reprinted from the Stanford Law Review, Vol 27, No.5, May 1975
Oregon Law Review Vol.80, No. 3 Economic Development in Indian Country: Will Capitalism or Socialism Succeed? By R.J. Miller
Vermont Law Review Vol. 18, No.3 Native American Collaboration in Cultural Resource Protection in the Columbia River Gorge
American Indian Law Review Intellectual Property Rights and Native American Tribes by Richard A. Guest
Indian Law Symposium 1988 (UW School of Law) Indian Reservations and the Environment
Personal Service Contract Management Overview Guide to personal service contracting
HISTORY "From Genocide to Juriscide - The Last 500 years by Judge M.L.Pearson Native Land Photographs from Robert G. Lewis Collection and compact bibliography materials
Indian Loan Fund Capital Enterprise venture
MAPS WA State/TESC and SW States  
MASS MEDIA AND NATIVE AMERICANS Images NA and mass media materials
MISC Intertribal Development Bank / Credit Union
MISC AINB Charter & By Laws / Native American Mortgage Bank
MISC Lesson Plans
Misc-Eco Trust Summer school
33rd Annual Convention of the NCAI Salt Lake City, Utah  
NCAI Mid Year Session: A Compilation of Papers on Tribal-State Partnerships Models of Cooperation in Government
NCAI Winter Session: Forging Ahead Legislative Strategies for Priority Issues in 1998 Executive Council Winter Session
Legislative and Regulatory Updates and Additional Supporting Documents Proposed changes to constitution, by laws, and rules of order and other documents of note
NCAI 58th Annual Session "Reflecting Our Traditions In A Contemporary World" Spokane, WA November 25-30, 2001
Shaping Our Own Future By The Jamestown Klallam, Lummi Indian Tribes, and Quinault Indian Nation An Overview and Red Paper
Honoring Nations: Honoring the Contributions of the Governance of American Indian Nations Award-winning programs 2003, 2002, 2000, & 1999
National Tribal Self-Governance Advocacy Plan for the Bush Admin and 2nd Sess. 107th Congress Self-Governance Communication and Education
Honoring Nations: Tribal Governance Success Stories 2002  
Self-Governance: A Tribally Driven Initiative The Tribal Self-Governance Demonstration Project
The Constitution of the United State of America  
Your Relationship with Congress A Guide for Tribes Congressional Relations for Beginners - Institute for Tribal Government Portland State University
States and Tribes Building New Traditions National Conference of State Legislatures
Controlling Consulting- A Manual for Native American Governments and Organizations By Dr. Idrian N. Resnick and First Nations Development Institute
Seizing the Initiative: A Dialogue on Charting A Course for National Indian Policy Forum Reference Materials
Native American Issues 1998 State Legislation National Conference of State Legislatures
The "477" Demonstration - Ten Years of Building a New Tribal-Federal Relationship Indian and Native American Employment and Training Coalition
Instructor's Manual - Quinault Self-Governance Seminar A Guide to Presenting Fourth World Governance Seminars by Rudolph C. Ryser
Toward A National Indian Legislative Agenda For the 1990's A Report on National and Regional Tribal Leaders Forum prepared by American Indian Resource Institute
Nation-Building, Tribal Government, and Leadership Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy
International Pacific Salmon Fisheries Commission Progress Report "Resistence of adult Sockeye salmon to acute thermal shock" by J.A. Servizi and J.O.T. Jensen
Public Lands Inventory Project Tribal Lands Inventory WA State Interagency Committee For Outdoor Recreation
Centennial Accord Plan 2003 Bound soft cover booklet
Suquamish Ethnographic Notes by Jay Miller and Warren Synder Jay Miller and Warren Synder
Tribal Self-Governance: Shaping Our Own Future 1 photocopy of "A Red Paper"
WA State Native American Tourism Assessment Report Governor's Office of Indian Affairs, OTED, WA Tourism Office, and NIARI
WA State Governor's Office Press Release "Gardner, tribes to sign centennial accord" Press release
Centennial Accord (copy) Proclamation (copy), Public Declaration, Govt to Govt Summary  
"Working Effectively at the Local Level: Tribal/County Cooperation and Coordination" Proceedings from a gathering in Seattle June 16-17 1993
DRAFT of State Legislative Committees and Executive Branches in Indian Affairs NCSL, NCAI, NIARI
MOU Between Lummi Nation and Whatcom County MOU for Establishment of a coordinated tribal/county lummi reservation planning process
Preliminary Report: Challenges to Relations Between the State of WA and the WA tribes. Office of the Attorney General
Tribal Court Handbook for the 26 Federally Recognized Tribes in WA State Professor Ralph W. Johnson
WA State Legislature  
The Constitutional Sovereignty Summit The Treaty Task Force Department of the Lummi Indian Nation
Institutionalization of Government to Government Relationship New Millennium Agreement Action Plan
"Are You Listening Neighbor?" Report of the Indian Affairs Task Force and The People Speak "The People Speak Will You Listen?
1999 Salmon Homecoming Forum NAFTA, the environment and Indigenous Peoples of the NW
A Guide for Oral History in the Native American Community Suquamish Tribal Oral History Project (Suquamish Museum)
Estimated Economic Damage to the Skokomish Indian Tribe from Cushman Hydrolic Project Prepared by Chinook Northwest, Inc.,& Martino and Associates
Mazina'igan A Chronicle of the Lake Superior Ojibwe Fall 2005 Fall 2005
Mazina'igan Supplement  
Comprehensive Tribal Natural Resource Management (Report) A Report from the Treaty Indian Tribes in Western Washington
Tribal Natural Resources Management and the Environment Selected Readings
Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act Citizen's Guide  
Indian Water Rights - Negotiating the Future Water Resources Research Center - University of AZ
Quinault Indian Nation Fisheries Division Staff Retreat Final Report
Salmon Ranching As It Relates to Humboldt County By Leo Baldwin
Tribal Government Summit on The Government to Government Relationship Management of Indian Trust / Natural Resources
Indian Fisheries Instruction Project Seattle Indian Center's FINS Project
Influence of Organization and Decision Processes on Comanagement of Natural Resources Washington State and Tribes by William W. Campbell (thesis)
Old-Growth Forests and Timber Towns: Thinking about tomorrow A report to Governor Mike Lowry by Melanie J. Rowland
Comprehensive Water Resources Planning - The Chelan Agreement: Partnership of Responsibilities NWIFC
Tribal and NWIFC Wild Salmon Recovery Efforts: Federal funds at work A report to congress from the treaty Indian tribes in western WA
Survey of tribal actions to protect water quality and the implementation of the CWA By Gover, Stetson and Williams [National Indian Policy Center]
Comprehensive Tribal Natural Resource Management (Report) A Report from the Treaty Indian Tribes in Western Washington
Natural Resources Journal Vol. 38 Winter 1998 Environmental control; forestry; legislation; water and watercourses
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US Small Business Association  
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Returning to A Natural State of Good Health A report on the National Summit on Indian Health Care Reform
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NAIHC Leadership Institute National American Indian Housing Council
Working Together to Build a Healthy Future The 2003 American Indian Health Care Delivery Plan
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Oregon Legislative Commission on Indian Services  
Legislature WA State  
Senate Concurrent Resolution #8422 + misc bills  
Federal Tribal Relations  
Federal Indian Policy  
Historical Background of US Treaties with Indian Tribes  
Indian Life and Treaties  
Jurisdiction Federal/State  
Tribal Sovereignty  
Gordon Slade  
Federal Tribal Budget  
First Nations-Canada  
Atkinson Trading Co. Case Tribal Leaders Policy Forum
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Building Bridges - A Resource Guide for Tribal/County Intergovernmental Cooperation  
"Working Effectively at the Local Level: Tribal/County Cooperation and Coordination" NW Renewable Resources Center
WA State Gambling Commission - Commission Meeting Agenda Conference Materials
Staking Soveriegnty on Indian Gaming: Three Frameworks for Examining Policy Issues. Related to Indian Gaming
British Columbia Treaty Issues by Daniel Charlie "NUU-CHAH NULTH TREATY PLANNING NEGOTIATIONS By Daniel Charlie
WA State Gambling Commission Brochures  
WSGC Strategic Plan 2003-2008  
Native American Casino January 2004 and February 2004
Economic Contributions of Indian Tribes to the Economy of WA State  
Background to Dream: Impacts of Tribal Gaming in WA State By Gary Simrell King Ph.D and Casey Kanzler and First American Education Project
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Virtual Aboriginal Trade Show (Canada)  
Journey to Success Aboriginal Women's Business Planning Guide
Akwe:Kon Guidelines CBD Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity
Inuit Spirit for Global Partnership ICC's Four-Year Mandate 1998-2002 INUIT CIRCUMPOLAR CONFERENCE
JUSTA - A First Nation's Leader Dakelhne Butsowhudilhzulh'Un by Bridget Moran book
TRADITIONAL HEILTSUK FOOD - Heiltsuk College Guide to traditional food preparation
NUNAVUT Information and Materials re: Natural Resources and Policy Issues
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Center for Australian Indigenous Studies - Monash University  
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Treaty yeh Treaty now Kalkaringi
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Melbourne - Official Visitor's Guide  
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"Doing Business with Indian Tribes" Fundamentals Principles of Federal Indian Law
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Encouraging Indian Economic Development and Tribal Soveriegn Immunity 106th Congress S.613 Amendment
American Indians & Alaska Natives in the United States US Census Bureau
American Indians & Alaska Natives in Alaska US Census Bureau
Map of the Territory of Washington 1855 WA Secretary of State
Treaty Indian Fisheries and Salmon Recovery NWIFC
Renewing America's Food Traditions edited by Paul Nabhan and Ashley Rood Center for Sustainable Environments - Northern Arizona University
New Mexico State/Tribal Relations  
1999 APA National Planning Conference "Approaching the Millennium" Tribal Planning as Strategic Political Action: A Case Study of the Swinomish Indian Tribeal Community
Tribal Budget Process-Fiscal Year (Handout) Quinault Indian Nation
"Understanding Intergovernmental Relations" by Deil S. Wright Origins of IGR (handouts)
Case Study Method Outline MPA-Tribal Fall 2003
Government to Government Tribal/Federal Relations Workgroup Charter FY2001 SW Strategy
Sample Federal Policies (CAR, Trust Reform, ESA, Public Health  
NCSL - States and Tribes: Building New Traditions Government to Government Relations, Models of Cooperation
National Indian Policy Center - Tribal Representation in Washington D.C. It's Past and Future Role in Executive Branch and Congressional Policy-Making, WA D.C
Education Summit "Origins of IGR" (handouts 25 Copies)
Letter of Support for Resolution to NCAI sponsored by ATNI to establish int'l forum International Forum of Indigenous Nations of the Pacific Rim
Mashantucket Pequot Museum & Research Center brochure
The Makah Nation on Washington's Olympic Peninsula - visitor's guide Guide
Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe - The Strong People brochure
Misc Articles  
87A ALCO - Flathead Nation (Shoreline Protection Ordinance Regulations Final Regulations
The Politics of Allotment on the Flathead Indian Reservation by Burton M. Smith Salish and Kootenai Papers, Number 2
Encounters: Models for an Integrated Approach to Early WA Territorial and State History By Llyn De Danaan, Ph.D - The Evergreen Center for Educational Improvement
Assessment of Technology Infrastructure in Native Communities College of Engineering NM State University - June 1999
Village Science by Alan Dick Alaska Native Knowledge Network
Village Science - Teacher's Edition by Alan Dick Teacher's edition
Maskwachees Cultural College 1999-2000 calender calender
Endangered Peoples by Art Davidson  
A Book of Collective Writings about Leadership by Greene, Johnson, Halttunen, Shaw, Parker  
Culturally Responsive Science Curriculum by Sidney Stephens Handbook for Culturally Responsive Science Curriculum
Study Guide to accompany the Caucus of Native Leaders, Activists, and Scholars on 21st Indian America Video Series
Call to action mandating an equitable and culturally competent education for all students in WA CD and book
Northwest Indian News 1&2 Spring and Fall 2003
Northwest Indian News 3 Spring 2004
Northwest Indian News 4 Summer 2004
Northwest Indian News 6 Winter 2004
Northwest Indian News 8 Mar-05
Northwest Indian News 10 Jul-05
Northwest Indian News 11 Sep-05
Northwest Indian News 12 Nov-05
Natives in New York: Seeking Justice at the UN Center for Hawaiian Studies
Leschi: Justice in Our Time (powerpoint presentation for C.E.C.L)  
WA State Dept of Transportation "We Are Working Together" (Tribal Liason Office)  
QIN Slide Presentation (Larry Workman)  
Mavis Kindness "Chishkin Sinwit" Part 1  
Mavis Kindness "Chishkin Sinwit" Part 2  
Centre for Aboriginal Indegenous Studies 11 Minutes
Treaty of Indigenous Nations (Whakatone, New Zealand) Dec 2-4, 2005
Tulalip Natural Resources - Cultural Stories  
Iroquios Confederacy and the US Constitution (Portland State University) Portland State University (Graduate School of Education and College of Urban & Public Affairs)
Education and Economics (C. Wise)  
TESC MPA-Tribal Governance Program  
San Diego Riverside School "From Mission to Charter: Indian Ed in the 21st Century" Presentation by Dept of Education
NZ Photos 2002-2003  
NW Wilderness P.P. (April 23, 2004)  
WIAN Webfiles  
Powerpoint Presentation by Van Brent  
Blank CD-RW  
Future of Native American Studies 10/7/2004
Promotional Video
EMP Tribal
Quinalt Powerpoint
JOE D. Photos
Segment 1
MTA Tobacco: Joan Koening, June Krise, Daniel Shepard
MTA Emergency Preparedness: Jennifer Scott, Megan Beeby, Brant Hunter
MTA "Contract Consolidation" 1) Danette Ives, Colleen Cawston, Melissa Underwood
"Options for Structuring" 2) Magdalene McCarty
MTA "Grantwriting" Steven Spring
"Golf Economies" Tuck Wilson, Ken LaFountaine
"Tribal - State Think Tank" Sept 7, 1999