The Northwest Indian Applied Research Institute works with tribes on issues of critical importance to the future of their communities. In response to concerns identified by tribal communities, and in collaboration with Indian community leaders, educators, and public agencies, the Institute addresses the complex issues below. Products of selected NIARI research projects that are available for download are listed below. Most require Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download) for viewing and printing.


United League Of Indigenous Nations Treaty - DRAFT

The Special Committee on Indigenous Nations Relationships produced the proposed "United League of Indigenous Nations Treaty" draft, which is part of the National Congress of American Indians (USA). The committee who drafted this document was initially convened at the 2004 Annual Conference of the NCAI in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


Climate Change and Pacific Rim Indigenous Nations

What are the existing and likely impacts of climate change on Indigenous peoples and their homelands around the Pacific Rim?  What are Indigenous organizations, communities and nations presently undertaking to address issues of climate change (at the local, national and international scales)?  What are potential recommendations for research and action by Indigenous nations, to deepen and expand their powers to combat global climate change?

Native Peoples: The "Miner's Canary" of Climate Change

(July 2007), edited by Debra McNutt.

Tribal Governance

In concert with the tribes, the Institute supports tribal governance as the key to the protection of Indian reservation societies and the creation of economic sustainability. Available Products are:

State-Tribal Fiscal Relations: Administration of State and Federal Funds...

A product of NIARI's Welfare Reform in Indian Country project. Executive Summary/Table of Contents (20k pdf), Full Report (400k pdf).

Culturally Responsive Curriculum for Secondary Schools

A product of NIARI's Public School Curriculum on Tribal Issues project. Website:

Economic Sustainability

The Institute works with tribes, surrounding communities and private enterprises to develop self-sustaining viable reservation economies. Available Productsare:

Estimating Native American Contributions to Washington State Tax Revenue

A product of NIARI's Revenue Impact Applications project Abstract and Table of Contents (8k pdf), Introduction (32k pdf), Full Report (204k pdf).

Memorandum: Washington State Tribal Tourism Assessment

A product of NIARI's Tourism on Washington State Indian Reservations project. Website:

Natural Resource Management

The Institute assists tribes and agencies to protect and enhance natural resources, both on the reservations and throughout the region.

Cultural Revitalization

Tribes are revitalizing their cultures with programs promoting Native language, arts, spirituality and traditions. The Institute places a high priority on supporting these efforts. Available Products are:

Briefing Memorandum: A Treaty among Indigenous Nations. A product of NIARI's Cultural Property Rights project. Full Document (92k pdf).

Video Excerpts from the Caucus of Native Leaders, Activists and Academics

A product of NIARI's Video Production Series project. Allen Pinkham (2.6 mb Quicktime), Russell Jim (1.9 mb Quicktime), Tito Medina (3.0 mb Quicktime), Joe DelaCruz (2.8 mb Quicktime).