Cultural Revitalization Projects

Multi Media Traditional Art Projects

NIARI funded this activity to complement and enhance the learning experience of the students of TESC. This project was created by a Native artist and TESC graduate to introduce multiple media art types from an Indigenous view as a module for the reservation-based students. The students learned studio art with a historical and/or contemporary critical essay component. The result was to provide the students with the opportunity to experiment with personal cultural expressions through the media explored, and to broaden their knowledge about various ways indigenous people have and continue to express themselves creatively. A second project was created by a Northwest Native student and is designed to address issues that further careers in arts and identify those qualities that hinder growth. Some topics addressed are: incremental pricing of art, debunking stereotypical use of alcohol by artists and proper etiquette in promoting artwork. Targeted Audience: These two projects were designed to encompass Northwest Native art in the learning and promoting of Native American artists in Washington. The Multi Media Traditional project has been implemented for use in the Reservation, Community-Determined based program, an Evergreen offering in five reservation sites. The NW Artist Game Board will be taken into the tribal communities of our state to encourage Native youth to consider art as a way of self-sufficiency and personal fulfillment through the arts.

Products: How to Succeed as a Northwest Indian Artist

Development of an Indigenous Nations Declaration of Cultural Property Rights

As an outcome of the Caucus of tribal leaders, the Institute was asked to coordinate the development of a program to assist tribal and indigenous nations to address the global threat to cultural property rights of indigenous peoples. Participants at the Caucus articulated the need to address the theft of cultural property by commercial interests and the common difficulty of asserting indigenous rights in the context of intellectual property regimes that have been created by nations around the world to protect business interests. Stories were shared on instances where native sacred symbols, stories, medicine and other forms of traditional knowledge have been appropriated by commercial interests without permission and then copyrighted, trademarked or even patented under non-native government rules. The Institute has developed a briefing memo on these issues and coordinated a series of meetings in support of an initiative to organize positions and declaration of rights to protect such cultural properties. Targeted Audience: Cultural Property Protection Treaty meeting assembled a wide variety of Northwest tribal and international indigenous resource experts to discuss and debate the technical and practical aspects of the treaty. An outcome of this meeting and subsequent discussions have resulted in a draft treaty for the protection and preservation of cultural resources, language and intellectual properties and is being circulated in the Northwest, Canada and Central America for adoption.

Products: Briefing Memorandum: A Treaty among Indigenous Nations...(92k pdf)

21st Century Issues for Indian Country: Video Production Series

As an outcome from the Caucus of Native Leaders, Scholars and Activists, the Institute is producing a series of 1/2 hour educational videos. Video footage of the dialogue of outstanding leaders assembled for the Caucus, including extensive commentary by the late Quinault leader, Joe DelaCruz, has been edited into a series of four videos and a lesson plan/study guide that will accompany the video series. The series will be offered to colleges and universities in the US and Canada as well as Tribal colleges and communities. The video series will serve as a test of the interest of these groups in this type of material. Based on the response, future educational video material will be produced by the Institute and will be an on-going activity. Targeted Audience: At the completion of each video production, NIARI will target tribal colleges, Native Studies programs in colleges throughout the nation and tribal community libraries for distribution and use. It is our belief that the valuable Native American perspective contained in the videos will be maximized in the formal educational system and tribal communities.

Products: Quicktime Video Excerpts(link)