Natural Resource Management Projects:

Facilitated and Conducted Tribal Land Management Workshop

This initiative was conducted in collaboration with Linda Moon Stumpff, Director of TESC's Master of Public Administration Program, tribal leaders, and natural resources professionals. The workshop focused on federal and tribal cooperation to determine the feasibility and benefits to the tribes for improved federal/tribal land management agreements. Targeted Audience: Tribal Land Management Workshop included tribal natural resource directors, tribal administrators, Evergreen faculty, and Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission (NWIFC) members and staff. This focus group reviewed changes in federal policy to assess the feasibility of tribes to enter into cooperative agreements for the management of public lands in tribal usual and accustom areas. Tribes, NWIFC and Evergreen faculty and staff were assembled to make recommendation to their respective governments and organizations whether to continue pursuing an agreement.

Implementation of ESA Listings

Ten Environmental Studies students entered a group contract (an agreement for jointly conducted independent studies) with their faculty to monitor implementation of the Endangered Species Act in Western Washington. The Institute worked closely with TESC faculty member Jovana Brown and the students to compile a series of reports on this coordinated and Institute-supported activity. Targeted Audience: Students in the Environmental Studies program coordinated with tribes and a tribal natural resources technical organization to review the impact of the ESA Listing of certain species on tribes. They attended public hearings to monitor that process and shared the information both with other students and with tribal natural resource managers who were the target audience of this activity.