Guidelines for Northwest Indian Applied Research Institute project proposals:

  1. All projects must relate to one of our program themes: Cultural Revitalization, Governance, Economic Sustainability or Natural Resource Management.
  2. Projects that are intended to respond to an identified tribal community need or requests for assistance from a tribal community, a government agency serving tribal communities, or, an Indian organization will be given the highest priority.
  3. In responding to external requests for assistance, Northwest Indian Applied Research Institute will give preference to employing Evergreen students, faculty or staff.
  4. Project proposals should specific goals and/or end products that are realistically achievable within the timelines and budget proposed. The budget should not exceed $5,000 due to State rules requiring that all contracts exceeding $5,000 by subject to open competitive bidding.

The Institute undertakes a research agenda based on program goals and priorities that reflect the input of tribal community leaders, academics, officials of government agencies charged with serving tribal community needs, Evergreen faculty and students. Our goal is to establish a network comprised of community leaders and experts to advise and provide direction for each project. The agenda is developed on annual basis and will be updated and revised in response to changing needs, funding circumstances and feedback from the community. The Institute Director consults with an advisory committee comprised of Evergreen faculty regarding funding decisions, project selection and development of a research agenda. Unsolicited research proposals will be reviewed by the committee.