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Health Care: Organizational Best Practices
Colleen F. Cawston - Three organizations in Washington State have been formed to address the provision of health care to American Indian and Alaska Natives. (more)

Tribal Curriculum Development: A Tribal Decision-making Model
Marla Conwell/Mary DuPuis - "In 2005, Substitute House Bill 1495 (HBO1495) was passed by the Washington State Legislature and signed by Governor, Christine Gregoire. (more)

Decolonizing Chamoru History and Identity
Lina Perez Taitingfong - The Chamoru are the indigenous inhabitants of Guam in the Pacific Ocean. The history of colonization by the United States began in 1898 with the Treaty of Paris ended the Spanish-American War. (more)

Tribal Identity: Fighting for Our Soul
Ken LaFountaine - The Turtle Mountain Tribe of Indians (Chippewa, Cree and Ojibwa) has been used as a case study to examine the question of whether modern American Indians still possess the "reverence and passion" that inspired John Collier. (more)

Feasibility of Establishing a Tribal Managers Assn
Avreayl Jacobson, Pamela Peters and Lina Perez Taitingfong - Networking with others who work in tribal govrnment would also offer access to "employment opportunities, personal support and problem solving assistance." (more)

Freedom of the Press: First Nations and the 4 th Estate
"What is the role of tribal print media which serve reservation communities?" LaFountaine examines the content of six tribal newspapers. (more)

Indian Health Care Improvement reauthorization: Inside the NCAI

Swinomish/Skagit Joint Land Use Agreement

Indigenous Nations and Free Trade

Revenue Sharing Agreement: Menominee and Kenosha , WI

Protecting Tribal Cultural Property Rights: Treaty of Indigenous Nations

State-tribal Intergovernmental Relations: The Centennial Accord

Strategies for Tribal Media Relations: Facing Inward, Facing Outward

Tribal Employment Preference Policy and Practice