United League of Indigenous Nations Lummi

On August 1, 2007, eleven Indigenous Nations concluded negotiations and reached agreement on an historic Treaty of Indigenous Nations on the Lummi Indian Reservation, near Bellingham, Washington.
The treaty establishes an international political and economic alliance to advance common interests regarding the impacts of climate change, trade and commerce, human rights of Indigenous Peoples, traditional rights to cross international borders and protection of cultural properties under the laws of Indigenous Nations.
The ULIN Treaty was proposed by the National Congress of American Indians' Special Committee on Indigenous Nation Relationships after several years of meetings with international delegates.
Indigenous Nations recognize and affirm their inherent rights of self determination and self governance by entering into nation-to-nation agreements with each other for their mutual interest and benefit.
The ULIN currently serves as a private independent corporation chartered under the laws of the Lummi Indian Nation in 2008. A governing Board of delegates representing the treaty signatories operates as policy making body supported by Professor Alan Parker who serves as Secretary to the ULIN.