From energy a creature was formed, placed in thought upon the land, and charged to establish and to maintain. This energy was drawn in love into family way, and I took my position as the central figure in a family of thirteen children, born to parents who are both now dead. My mother, the late Mrs. Edna D. Scott, housewife and infor- mer; my father the late Joseph R. Hillaire, carver and thinker.

My home was the land, my religion, the people; and my school all things of the sky, on the earth, and in the sea- a union from whence life springs. My parents relinquished me to take my lessons from the universe where, regardless of which direction I listened~ looked, or touched, I found all fused into one on the growing horizon of my understanding -guided only by the quality of my parents' daily living as they held their private lives openly.

The seasons of my wondering and the variety of lessons in nature developed in me an understanding of man's unique condition of selfhood, so that I did not require too much of my parents. Yet it created in me the yearnings of my own social awareness, in which the development of the capacity to love, the capacity to learn, and the capacity to live, brought us neutrally together. As a family we found in each other the true greatness of our creation, the diversity of our natures, stirring within us a responsibility to order our lives through the eyes of justice we might find the peace within ourselves which would give us the ability to set each other free in being, directed toward becoming all that is in each of us to be.

The above information reflects my accumulated achievements through living what will be in the interpersonal relationship activity of communication that which will re- flect the quality of my life in search of meaning. My continuing learning will direct future efforts toward understanding the greater educational problems which require for the development and implementation of such objectives as:

1    Provide- for every citizen the information he needs to deal satisfactorily and successfully with the affairs of his life;

2.    Protect. the right of each citizen to develop, to express and to pursue his ideas in freedom;

3.    Facilitate personal and group competencies in the understanding and use of decisions; and

4.    To insure to each the knowledge required to know and exercise his rights in order, justice, peace, and freedom.

My belief is: That man is energy -brought into form by expanding the nature of the human being through the development of the capacity to love, the capacity to learn, and the capacity to live.

There seems to be in all this one other three-in-one situation. As it has been said, Ilpower corrups and absolute power corrupts absolutely .II So it is with us if we do not realize: Of many things,we have come, and into the many-splendored thing called Ilinfinity" we go. We must prepare a citizen able to cope both with the outer world and with the greater worlds inside him. The situation is that life is a perfectly
and sympathetically balanced use of responsibility, recreation, and rest--all equally important in the challenge of BECOMING.

One cannot divorce what one does from what one believes --so in conclusion, please find in these thoughts, Mary Ellen Hillaire.