Fall Quarter 1996

Principal texts: GEOLOGY ,Chernicoff; Northwest Exposures, Alt and Hyndman; Statistics and Data Analysis, Siege; and Morgan; THE SEVEN MYSTERIES OF LIFE, Murchie

Warning! This Weekly List Under Construction and Definitely Subject to Change!

All readings (and probelem sets, if any) due beginning of following week.

Week 1 September 30 - October 4
GEOLOGY, Preface, To the Student, Chs 1,2,3; A First look at Planet Earth, Minerals, Igneous rocks Processes and Rocks; do all Questions for Review
STATISTICS, Ch 1; Introduction. Do problems 1-3

Week 2 October 7 - 11
GEOLOGY, Chs 4,5,14; Volcanoes and Volcanism, Weathering, Streams and Floods; do all Questions for Review (hand in week 4)
STATISTICS, Ch 2; Describing Groups of Numbers

Week 3 October 14 - 18
Field trip to Eastern Washington, but you still have geology readings!

GEOLOGY, Chs 13,17; Mass Movement, Glaciers and Ice Ages; do all Questions for Review.

Week 4 October 21 - 25
GEOLOGY, Chs 6,7,8; Sedimentary Rocks, Metamorphism and Metamorphic Rocks, Geologic Time
STATISTICS, Ch 3; Describing Distributions

Week 5 October 27 - October 31
GEOLOGY, Chs 9,10,11; Folds, Faults and Mountains, Earthquakes, Geophysical Properties
STATISTICS, Ch 4; Normal Distributions and Binary Data

Week 6

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Week 10

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