Specialty Area's 20 Year Cycle

1994-95 HOME: The Hospitality of the Land
1995-96 CO-EXISTENCE: A Hospitable Relationship to Others
1996-97 COMMUNITY: Time, Space, People and Place
1997-98 IMAGES: Physical Speculations on Unknown Conditions
1998-99 REGENERATION: A Celebration with the Land
1999-00 HONOR: The Celebration of Others
2000-01 HISTORY: A Celebration of Place
2001-02 DESTINY: Welcoming the Unknown
2002-03 RESPECT: A Process of Universal Humanity
2003-04 RECOGNITION: The Politics of Human Exchange
2004-05 PATIENCE: A Survival Process for an Unknown Future
2005-06 RECONCILIATION: A Process of Human Balance
2006-07 HERITAGE: Self-Identity and Ties to the Land
2007-08 FAMILY: Inspiration of Significant Others
2008-09 PERSISTENCE: A Study of Inspired Work
2009-10 SPIRITUALITY: The Eyes of the Unknown
2010-11 CEREMONY: Relating Hospitably to the Land
2011-12 JUSTICE: A Relationship of Reciprocal Respect
2012-13 PERFORMANCE: Models of Human Understanding
2013-14 DREAMS: Uncommon Dimensions of Thought