Public Education

Faculty: William Ray Arney & Rita Pougiales

Members of the "Public Education" program are inquiring into the history, philosophical assumptions, and practices of education. Our work, initially, will focus on basic questions of learning and teaching, and the relationship of education to the public world. Later we will look carefully at current practices in public schools and the organizational and political structures in which public schools are embedded. Program members as a whole will read and respond to core program texts and lectures; in small research groups members will develop topical research interests and pursue those during fall and winter quarter.

Beginning Winter Quarter: 1. The first class meeting is at 9:00 AM, Tuesday, January 7, 1997, Library 3500. 2. The first reading (to be completed before the first day) is Susannah Sheffer, ed., A Life Worth Living: Selected Letters of John Holt; in addition, everyone should read Aaron Falbel, "Learning? Yes, of course. Education? No, thanks," an article in a packet available in the TESC Bookstore. 3. Students should plan to spend part of the first day deciding, with other members of the program, the composition of seminars.

Entry in Winter Quarter is by signature only. See Bill Arney, Lab II, 2268, or Rita Pougiales, Lab II, 3268.

Important program documents and other links include:

  • Program Syllabus
  • Program Covenant
  • Week-by-week Schedule
  • Class Roster
  • Recommended Reading & Reserve List
  • Faculty Lectures, Workshops, Examinations
  • Public Education Related Links
  • Research Group Papers

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