Fall Quarter 1996 --- The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA. 98505

Faculty: Chuck Nisbet

Office: Seminar Building 3124

Phone: (360) 866-6000 x-6593

This group contract studies the contemporary "family crisis" debate by focusing upon a controversial American phenomenon: the increasing number of children growing up without fathers. Through seminars, lectures , films, videos, texts and independent research, our central task will be to identify and examine causes and consequences of this change in the make-up of America's families. A central concern will be exploring the relationship between family structure and child well being. We will pay attention to the shifting roles of gender, the increase in economic inequality, the family values movement and the widespread disaffection with national welfare policies. We will review studies of children growing up in single parent families. We will look at public policy initiatives proposed to lessen family disruption and improve conditions for the American family. Finally, we will investigate social, political and economic forces which have altered the function and meaning of family over the past quarter century via a module, "Family, Society and the Economy."