Using Photoshop and Netscape Communicator, students will develop the basic formal vocabulary of graphic design as applied to the development of web sites.

      While emphasizing technical competency in the software applications involved, we will also learn basic HTML language and grammar.

      Seminar discussions will focus on critical/historical aspects of graphic design as a means of communication.


By the end of this course you will have or will be able to:

  • identify and define a successful web site
  • use and understand the basic language and structure of HTML 4.0
  • apply the basic concepts of visual design and typography to the creation of web sites
  • understand design concepts specific to web site design
  • understand and apply the process of web site development from concept to completion
  • successfully work as part of a design team
  • publish two complete web sites 1) Group site 2)Your site
  • prepare and maintain a successful and organized portfolio
  • come to appreciate the depth of design hisotyr and the concept of graphic style
  • begin to think critically about web sites and their relationship to culture and identity