Biodiversity and Global Change Fall Quarter, 1998

Linked to this page are several datasets from previous studies of carabid beetles on campus.

Traps92. This file contains a list of all pitfall traps from 1992. Each trap is classified by habitat, canopy, and microhabitat.

SY: asphalt, medians, grassland, scotch broom
BW: broadleaf woods
CW: conifer woods
MW: mixed woods, coastal, wooded wetlands

Canopy over trap site; values: AM, asphalt, medians; BW, broadleaf woods; CL, coastal; CW, conifer woods; GL, grassland; MW, mixed woods; SB, Cytisus (scotch broom); WL, wetland (wooded). Habitats: MW = MW + CL + WL, SY = AM + GL + SB.

Microhabitat: Ground cover near trap site; values: CD, conifer duff; DW, decaying wood; FF, fern; NA, not applicable; OG, Berberis (oregon grape); RU, Rubus (black berries, salmon berry, thimbleberry); SA, salal

dta92all. This dataset contains results of 1992 survey. Each row is the occurrence of a species in a trap. Variables for each row are: Transect (A-G), Time period (1-7), Species code (see below), Abundance, Trap code, and Habitat.

dta94all. This dataset contains results of 1994 survey. Sampling was done for one 24 hour period during week 2 of the fall quarter. Each row is the contents of one trap, in the form of a trap x species matrix. Variables for each row are: Habitat, Trap code, and abundances for each species encountered over the entire study.

Note that trap codes for 1992 and 1994 do not match exactly, due to variation in total number of traps places, lost traps, etc.

Beetle species codes:
AM: Amara sp.
BE: Bembidion connivens
CF: Calathus fuscipes
CG: Calathus grandicollis
CN: Carabus nemoralis
CT, Cychrus tuberculatus
GC: Promecognathus crassus
HC: Harpalus cordifer
LB, Platynus ovipennis
LF: Leistus ferruginosus
LG, Loricera decempunctata
NM, Nebria eschscholtzi
PA: Pterostichus algidus
PC: Pterostichus crenicollis
PE, Pterostichus melanarius
PH: Pterostichus herculeanus
PL: Pterostichus lama
PM: Pterostichus amethystinus
PP: Pterostichus pumilus
SA: Scaphinotus angusticollis
SL: Scaphinotus angulatus
SM: Scaphinotus marginatus
TR: Trechus obtusus
UA: Bradycellus nigrimus
UB: Badister ferrugineus
ZM: Zacotus mathewsi

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