Matter & Motion 2000-01

Syllabus and Schedule

The topics to be covered over the course of this year-long, 48-credit program are outlined below. For Detaied syllabus click on the Fall, Winter and Spring links below.
Derivatives & Integrals
The Nature of Matter & Energy
Integration techniques
Differential equations
Polar Coordinates
Circular Motion,  Gravitation and
&Equilibrium & Kinetics
Multivariable Calculus and Power Series
Waves /Quantum Mechanics and Magnetism
Structure & Bonding

Matter and Motion is an integrated program that presents students with the fundamental concepts of general chemistry, university physics and calculus. While these are distinct disciplines, there is a large degree of overlap and, wherever possible, these topics will be presented using an integrated approach. This will allow students to see the relevant principles from a broader perspective than if they were presented in isolation. There will not be a regular schedule of lecture times for the three disciplines. Instead, the material will be presented in as flexible a manner as possible to maximize the extent of integration. As a result, to fully benefit from the presentation of these disciplines, students should take the program in its entirety; taking selected modules, while possible, places substantial responsibility on the student to understand which topics "belong" to their modules.


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