Reading South and North: Literature of the Americas


As we engage in the collective work of this group contract, please bear in mind that we form an academic community.  In order to study and learn effectively as individuals we need to work together as a group.

Every student is responsible for:

The Social Contract includes provisions on freedom, civility, rights, intellectual honesty, prohibition against discrimination, and other topics.  If you are not familiar with the Social Contract, contact your seminar leader before the second day of class.

Students enrolled for 16 credits must attend all program activities; students enrolled for 12 credits must attend all program activities except literary theory workshops.  If you are absent more than three times during the quarter you will be in danger of receiving reduced credit.  If you are absent for reasons of illness or family emergency, please contact your seminar leader.  A pattern of late arrival to class can also lead to reduced credit.

To receive full credit for the quarter, read all assigned texts in advance of the week we discuss them and be prepared to listen and speak actively in seminar.  Group presentations and papers must be polished and submitted on time in order to receive full credit.

In an academic community, we learn from each other.  It is vitally important that you acknowledge other people for their ideas, and never pass off someone elseís ideas as your own.  See the Social Contract for more information about plagiarism.  In written work, use proper citations.
As a general rule, if you encounter conflict with another person try to resolve the issue with that person first before speaking with others about it. If you have problems with any aspect of the programís contents or activities, it is your responsibility to contact the faculty immediately in order to face difficulties squarely instead of letting them worsen.
 For more specific information (including information about harassment and serious grievances), see the Social Contract.

Faculty Members are responsible for:

Appropriately warning students who are in danger of losing credit, responding to student work in a timely fashion, and preparing narrative evaluations of student progress/achievement.



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