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What's Love Got To Do With It?

Fall & Winter 2002-2003

Legislative Hearings on Thursday will be in L2127 (9-11) and L4004 (12:30-2:30).

Schedule of conferences with Chuck: this link

Click here for the Legislative Hearings schedule.

Guidelines for self-evaluations, this link. Suggestions for writing a self-evaluation are found here.

The Final (Potluck) will be on Friday, March 14, following the last two Legislative Hearings. Place to be announced.

Field Research

Field Note Guidelines

In winter quarter, students volunteering at schools have the option of working there for a half-day rather than a whole day. This should be negotiated and arranged with the teacher in your classroom.

Some have said that they would like an alternative field experience of some kind. This is possible, and we intend to be flexible, but the alternative proposed will "sell" better if it is clearly tied to research interests and involves an element of service. Please contact Chuck if you have ideas or questions. (Email during the break will be answered.)

All students will spend one day each week,Tuesday or Wednesday, as classroom assistants either at Lincoln Elementary or Garfield Elementary. This experience will provide an opportunity to overhear and observe how children experience their family lives and make sense of their social world. Thursday seminars will be aimed at reflection and interpretation of what students see and hear.

Garfield on Tuesdays
Lincoln on Tuesdays

Daniella Byrd
Dalia Gomez (am)
Kacey Hewitt
Mahkaea Jackson-Sams
Caitlin Jones
Eric Oien
Bevin Protas
Michelle Rayburn
Jessica Rhodes
Osha Sempel
Edie Sharp
Kelli Smith
Trevor Zachery

Kaylene Black
Cali Edson
Holland Hume
Jamia McRae
Rita Mickens
Andrea Richardson
Kristol Rubendall
Alisa Rutherford-Fortunati
Rachael Snyder
Aaron Schuit

Garfield on Wednesdays
Lincoln on Wednesdays
Ruby Barmes
Dalia Gomez (am)
Chelsea Hull
Charles Hutchinson
Nathaniel Johnson
Raelle Lippert
Sonja Lippert
Sarah Maurer
Jana McMasters
Ingrid Pan
Grant Turner
Lucas Arthur
Colene Bantz
Jessica Cutting
Jennifer Dixon
Heather Feig
Katie Gulotta
Katherine Lansdowne
Ian Linkletter
Brandi Paine
Shoshana Saunders
Bridgid McGrath (YMCA)


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