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What's Love Got To Do With It?

Fall & Winter 2002-2003

Legislative Hearings on Thursday will be in L2127 (9-11) and L4004 (12:30-2:30).

Schedule of conferences with Chuck: this link

Click here for the Legislative Hearings schedule.

Guidelines for self-evaluations, this link. Suggestions for writing a self-evaluation are found here.

The Final (Potluck) will be on Friday, March 14, following the last two Legislative Hearings. Place to be announced.


Links will be posted here for a variety of resources that support our work in writing, critical thinking, and the content of the curriculum.

The Census 2000 shows a 72% increase over Census 1990 in the number of unmarried couples living together. New York Times, March 13, 2003.

"It could well be that we are all innately neither heterosexual nor homosexual; nor may we be innately bisexual or ambisexual. Rather, we are capable of being attracted to a spectrum of our fellow creatures; whether they carry XX and XY chromosomes may not determine sexual preferences."

"Gays and Genes" by Andrew Hacker. The New York Review of Books, March 27, 2003.

PBS program: "The Pill" aired on Feb. 24 "American Experience" series


For workshop on Friday, Feb. 10

Paul Krugman, "For Richer"


Learning Resource Center web site

Useful for writing:

The Elements of Style

11 Rules of Writing

Garbl's Writing Resources Online

Purdue University's Writing Lab

Writing a Research Paper (info on outlining)

MLA Guide for Writing Research Papers

Useful for math and quantitative reasoning:

Understanding Mathematics website

US Historical Census Data Browser (U. of Virginia)

"Historical Background"


Links relevant to the content of our curriculum:

Lecture notes, Chuck on Social Things, Oct. 14

Excerpt from Discipline and Punish, by Michel Foucault

(cited in Chuck's lecture, Oct. 14)

Notes on Ryan's Cradle of the Middle Class.


Organizations concerned with family issues:

Alternatives to Marriage Project (co-founder Marshall Miller spoke to our program on Monday, Nov. 11)

Council on Contemporary Families (Stephanie Coontz is National Co-chair)

"Marriage, Poverty, and Public Policy," by Stephanie Coontz and Nancy Folbre

The Coalition for Marriage,Family, and Couples Education (Smart Marriages)

The National Marriage Project (Rutgers University)


Resources found in the press:

Talbot, Magaret. “Men Behaving Badly” in NY Times, Oct. 13, 2002. A discussion of men as the objects of sexual harassment.

Krugman, Paul. “For Richer: How the permissive capitalism of the boom destroyed American equality” in NY Times, Oct. 26, 2002.

Sontag, Deborah. “Fierce Entanglements” in NY Times Nov. 17, 2002. A discussion of strategies for dealing with domestic violence.

Pear, Robert. “Legal Group Urges States to Update Their Family Law” in NY Times, Nov. 30, 2002. The American Law Institute has published a new report and body of recommendations, “Principles of the Law of Family Dissolution: Analysis and Recommendations”

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