Spring 2003
Syllabus and Schedule
Astronomy & Cosmology updated 4.May.2003 
time (pm) 
prep & online
Astronomy seminar and class
prep & online
Cosmology seminar and class
prep & online 
earlier: Individually
* Finish Universe and astronomy seminar reading
* Read the workshops for this week.
* Finish cosmology seminar reading
* Start new homework problems (those with answers in the back of Universe.
Office hours 2:30-3:30 in Lab II Rm 2272 Individually
* Finish your workshop
* Review this week's material
With your team. Discuss: 
* the Astronomy seminar reading
* Workshop questions 
Seminar (Astro) 
With your team. Discuss: 
* Cosmology seminar reading
* Homework problems 
 Seminar (Cosmo) 
With your team. Discuss: 
* team's workshop writeup
* Review Questions
at the end of this week's Universe chapter
Post on Web-X (as a team):

3 significant points and questions on tomorrow's Astronomy seminar reading.
Workshop questions

Workshop + Astro ML 
Post on Web-X (as a team):

3 significant points and questions on tomorrow's Cosmology seminar reading. 
Homework questions

Lecture + Cosmo ML 
Post on Web-X:

Your team workshop report.

Your weekly research report.

Individually: Post your one-page essay for astronomy seminar Individually: Post your one-page essay for cosmology seminar Individually: Take the online quiz for this week's Universe chapter.
group prep time
in class time
online activities
individual work time



Each week, two teams (of two people each) will each prepare a 15-minute presentation to class on a topic in Astronomy or Cosmology that complements our seminar reading, the Universe assignment, or the workshop for the week. Check out the optional seminar texts on reserve in the library. Teach us something new and interesting. Include one or two relevant celestial objects we might observe together. Prepare 5-10 Powerpoint slides and save the presentation in our class folder in the CAL, or put your material on a web page, so you can easily share it with classmates.  (We have people in class who can help you learn Powerpoint and web page authoring.) 

REFERENCE ALL YOUR SOURCES for graphics and data you include in your presentation. Recommended resources include the texts listed below. Evaluate all sources critically. 

Key for text abbreviations:

W = workshops, D = Dawson, Out of the Classroom, A = Audubon Society Guide to the Night Sky 

Required seminar texts:  RL = Red Limit; B=Bubbles, Voids, and Bumps in Time;  EU = Elegant Universe 

(Recommended seminar texts):  HH = Hawley and Holcomb, Foundations of Modern Cosmology ;  K = Krupp, Echoes of Ancient Skies;  FP = Stars of the First People, by Dorcas Miller; SA = Scientific American special issue on modern cosmology, U = Universe, by Kaufmann and Freedman 

Spring A&C SYLLABUS: Bold entries are required reading. (Entries in parentheses are optional, recommended for presenters and facilitators.)

Lecture and workshop
Minilectures (ML) Seminar readings
 Universe Ch.1-2, Space & time
( K1:  The sky) 
W: Space & Time, D.1,8,9: Planisphere 
1,3 Apr 
EJZ: the big picture  EU Ch.1-2: String, Space & Time 
(HH 1:  In the Beginning) 
(SA 2. Making sense of Modern Cosmology)
 Universe Ch. 2-3:  Moon
(K7:  Time) 
W: Solar Motion
8,10 Apr 
Astro:  moon video Thursday 

Cosmo: Emily + Katherine on Lunacy

RL p.13-60: Intro + Ch.1: Expansion of the Universe 
(HH 2:  Cosmology becomes a science) 

EU Ch. 3-4: Warps and QM 
(HH 8: GR; SA 58: Is space finite?) 

Universe Ch. 4: Gravity

Moon and eclipse workshop

15,17 Apr 
Astro:  Mike, Travis, Nathaniel 

Cosmo: Geoff + Jonathan

B Ch.1, 2: Intro, Measuring the Universe 
(HH 3:  Newton's machine) 

  EU Ch. 5-6: GR vs QM, Superstring Theory 
(HH 11: Modeling the universe) 

(finishing gravity)

(K2:  ancient obs ) 

 W: Start Weighing Jupiter workshop; we'll finish it in week 8

20, 24 Apr 
Astro:  Derek +Andy 

Cosmo: Jimmy, Adam, Dillon

RL Ch. 2-3:  Cosmology and Why is the sky dark at night? 
(HH 4:  Light) 

 B Ch. 3-4: Mapping and Weighing universe 
(HH 14:  Dark matter and large-scale structure; SA 74: A cosmic cartographer) 

(no class - work on research projects)
29 Apr, 1 May 
Universe Ch. 5-6: 

W: Build scope using lenses

5-9 May 
Astro:  Mike, Nathaniel, Travis 

Cosmo: Jake, Rachelle, Hans, Mike

 RL Ch.4-6: Lookback time, Creation, and Echo of creation 
(HH 13:  Early universe) 

 EU Ch. 7-9: Super, Dimensions, Evidence 
(HH 12:  Message from Big Bang; SA 76: Echoes from the Big Bang; SA 66: The universe's unseen dimensions) 

Light, scopes Universe Ch. 18:  Sun
(K. p.148-156, 231-236

W: D.23 Spectrometers 

13, 15 May 
Astro:  Neal 

Cosmo: Kaballah: Andrew + Kathleen

 RL Ch.7-8: Eternal universe, Red limit 
(HH10:  Expanding universe; SA 4. The first stars in the universe; SA 22. Surveying spacetime with supernovae) 

 B Ch. 5: Big Bang, Inflation 
 EU Ch. 10 Quantum geometry 
(HH 15:  Inflationary Universe) 

(SA 30. Cosmological antigravity, SA 40. The quintessential universe 

Universe Ch. 19 (20-22): Stars
(HH 5:  Stars; K3) 

W: Dark Matter: Review and bring your Weighing Jupiter workshop - we will finish the last section this week.

20, 22 May
Astro:  Eric + Nolan +Trevor 

Cosmo: Geoff, Jonathan, Graham

 RL  Ch.9-10: Fate of the universe, Expanding cosmology 
SA 30, 40 

EU Ch. 11-13: Fabric of space, M-Theory, Black holes 
(HH 9: Black holes) 

 Universe Ch. 28 (29): Cosmology
(K4, 13:  Myths, Cosmologies) 
W: Planck time ; Hubble law

27, 29 May 
Astro:  Andy + Derek 

Cosmo: Quinn + Neal

 B Ch.6:  Questions for the future 
(SA 98: Plan B for the cosmos) 

EU Ch. 14-15 (Cosmology, Prospects) 
(HH 16:  Edge of time) 

your research presentations
3, 5 June
presentations / exam final seminar 
9-11 June 

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