Farm to Table Final Projects


TH Acurso, David- “Food as Revolution”- presentation

TH Bonin, Sylvan- TH “Urban Food Production: Toward Environmental and Social Sustainability”

TH Cool, Kristina- TH “Northwest Bounty” cookbook- cooking demonstration

T Davidson, Lena- “Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone Use in Dairy Cows”

T Duschack, Miranda- “Sustainable Beef Production”- presentation

TH Foreman, Erin- TH “Honeybees”

T Garfield, Isaac- Ecological Home-scale Garden Methods: How to Design a Community Garden”- presentation with Ben Rosas and Ryan Smith

T Gernady, Lauren- “Smart Manure”- present but ?

TH Goodman, Taryn- TH no paper

TH Hebert, Ian-Michael- Food Service at Evergreen State College

TH Johnson, Laura-  prov. Restaurants and Local Food

TH Lanigan, Dennis- TH “Attempts to Escape Ecological Limits”

W McMane, Emily- provisionally “Women and Food”- presentation

T Migliore, Alisha- “Cuban Agriculture” – poster with Shana

W Protas, Bevin- “Spiritual Resources”- not present

TH Ralston, Tiffiny- TH no paper

T Rosas, Benjamin- “ Local Alternatives to Industrial Agriculture” – poster with Isaac/Ryan Smith

TH Rourke, Shannon- TH provisional no paper- “Genetic Engineering”

T Schuiling, Heather- “Federal Organic Standards: A step in the right direction…”- poster

W Stellpflug, Carrie- provisional title “Urban Agriculture”- poster

T Stinson, Sarah- The Role of Localized Food Policy Committees in Revolutionizing Food…”- poster

TH Tubman, Will- TH “Eco-villages”

T Woodward, Shana- “Cuba” – poster with Alisha

W Willoughby, Alison- Farm to School - poster with Maureen

TH Greg Dasso- IPM presentation

W Nicole Okada- poster

W Katherine-presentation

W Tiffiny Suitts- presentation

T Elizabeth LePan- presentation

T Sean Ford- “interactive” presentation

T Michael Gasper- poster

T Ryan Smith- presentation with Ben and Isaac

W Maureen Maples- poster with Alison

W Julie Hall- urban/local food system

T Robin Moore- barter

T Gabe Seaton- permaculture

W Leah Oulette- local food

TH Arianne Llewellyn- livestock

TH David Wides- bamboo

TH Katie Marquert- green tea

TH Julie Riske- food and culture

W Jennifer Mustoe- school and nutrition

TH Mary Powers- nutrition and phytohormones

TH Heather Manning- Local food

TH Jon Spangler- land ownership

TH Taylor Blachley- forest ag systems

TH Jodie McCann- farm biodiversity

W- Danielle Esposito- local food