Farm-to-Table Assignment Sheet

Paper Requirements & Dates                                                                                                        Spring 2003


16-credit and 8-credit Students: During the quarter you will be required to write 3 papers related to the seminar readings.  Papers should always include synthesized material from program lectures and other class materials. Papers should be accompanied by a signed draft reviewed by a writing tutor. Make appointments with the Writing Center to fit your schedule. Students must complete rewrites of papers if required by faculty.


First-years: Students must meet weekly with writing center tutors and are required to write two drafts of the Freyfogle theme paper rather than the synthesis paper. First-years will also complete the short, 1-2 page response paper to Schlosser.


Using Course Material: 

Students should always incorporate information from assigned readings, lectures, workshops, films and other pertinent course material into their writing assignments and project work. We expect to see the material found in your portfolio used in an integrated fashion throughout the quarter.  Internship experiences of 8-credit students should be incorporated.


Paper Requirements:

·       Theme and Synthesis papers should be approximately 3-5 pages long and double-spaced. Use Times New Roman 12 pt font with 1” margins. 

·       The short reflection paper on Fast Food Nation should be only 1-2 pages in length.

·       All papers must be thesis driven! Support your thesis with evidence from the readings, from lectures and from outside sources when assigned.

·       Final papers for 16-credit students require the use of 10 sources, including at least 3 peer-reviewed journal articles. Incorporate material from program lectures, films and activities. Advanced-level credit will only be awarded for papers using at least 12 sources, half of which must be peer-reviewed articles. Please talk with faculty before submitting an advanced-level paper.

·       Final papers for the 8-credit students require that you write a two-page thesis that explains your thematic focus supported by an annotated bibliography comprised of 10 sources, including at least 3 peer-reviewed journal articles. Advanced-level credit will only be awarded for bibliographies using at least 12 sources, half of which must be peer-reviewed articles.

·       Do not procrastinate—papers written at the last minute rarely reflect your best work!

·       We will not accept late papers.


Program Assignment Due Dates:

Due Tuesday, April 15 (16-cr): Abstract for article related to themes in Freyfogle.


Due Thursday, April 17 (all): Theme Paper on Freyfogle’s The New Agrarianism. The paper should be 3-5 pages, double-spaced. Focus on a specific theme or themes in Freyfogle. Use material from lecture, films and find and use at least one (1) outside source to enhance your argument. Advanced-level credit demands use of 2 peer-reviewed journal articles.


Due Thursday, April 24 (all): A short reflection paper on themes in Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation. Paper should be 1-2 pages long, double-spaced. Focus on description and analysis of main themes by tying them to your concept of a “Food System.” Use lecture and film material in your paper. Also due are Portfolios reflecting work completed through Week Four and Brief Project Proposal.

Due Tuesday, April 29th (16-cr): Abstract of Feenstra article for use in Community Food System mini-project—16-Credit Students only.


Due Thursday, May 16: Synthesis Paper (all): Focus on themes in Chapter 3 of Tangled Routes and compare to those in Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation. The paper should be analytical as well as descriptive. ** First-years will hand in their second draft of their first paper (on Freyfogle themes) instead of completing this synthesis paper.**


Due Wednesday, May 22 (16-cr): Rough Drafts of 16-credit final paper/project.


Due Thursday, May 22 (8-cr): Rough drafts of 8-credit thesis proposal and annotated bibliography.


Due Week Ten: Final drafts of final projects for both 16 and 8-credit students. Projects/papers are due by the end of the week and preferably at the end of your presentation! Self-evaluations are also due at the end of the week.


Due Thursday June 5 (all): Portfolios! Portfolios are a compilation of student work completed during the quarter. The portfolio must include weekly, reflective, synthesis writings relating program readings to lecture material. The portfolio should also include notes from readings, lectures, workshops, student research logs, copies of papers and drafts or rewrites of papers, notes from group work and seminar, along with photos, recipes or other materials related to the quarter. Faculty require these portfolios to be presented in a binder at the end of Week Four and Week Ten.