How to cite articles and books for Farm-to-Table 2003




References Cited:

Schlosser, Eric. 2002. Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal.

New York: Perennial/Harper-Collins.


In –text:

(Schlosser, 2002)  or (Schlosser, p.107) for direct quote[1]


Journal Article


References Cited

Jackson, Wes. 1989. “Perennial Polyculture on the Kansas Prairie,” Journal of Agronomy 1(3):



(Jackson, 1989)  or (Jackson, p. 351) for direct quote[2].


Web Citations


References Cited

Community Food Security Coalition. 2002. “Urban Gardens and Economic Development” position paper. . Downloaded April, 21, 2003.



(Community Food Security Coalition, 2002) or (Community Food Coalition, Sec. 3) for direct quotes.




References Cited

Interview with Jane Doe. 04-01-2003. Taken at farm in Rochester, Washington. Notes provided on request.



(Jane Doe Interview, April 2003) * follows either direct quote or references to interview at end of paragraph.


References Cited

Pers.Com. Jane Doe to Eli Wallenstein. Email 04-22-03 (or Letter, 04-22-03) “Why I farm in Oregon”. Copy available on request. 



(Doe to Wallerstein, April 2003).


See MLA style reference guide sheet in TESC Library at Reference Desk for more information.




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[2] Jackson, 351.