Portfolio Checklist


During Evaluation week each of you will have an individual meeting with your faculty advisor.  We would like you to turn in your portfolio with all your work on Thursday of Week 10.  Please compile all of your work in a three-ring binder.  You should include all of your work in the portfolio, with the exception of the Final Paper, which should be handed in separately.  It is not necessary to turn in copies of the articles.  At a minimum, the following items should be included:



___Notes on Food Systems (Martha)

___Notes on Soil, Agroecosystem and Landscape Health (Martha)

___Notes on Library workshop (Liza)

___Notes on Compost lecture (Leslie Cooperband)*

___Notes on Institutional Food Service (Liza)

___Notes on “Animals in a Sustainable Food System” (Pat Labine)*

___Notes on Community Food System Workshop with Sound Foodshed

___Notes on History of Industrial Agriculture (Liza)*

___Notes on “Impact of the Food System on Food Quality” (Martha)

___Notes on “Terroir” discussion (Pat Hub)

___Notes on “Free Market Capitalism & Globalization” (Peter Dorman)*

___Notes on “Canning” (Martha)

___Notes on “Gender & Food Production” (Liza)

___Notes on “Women in Organic Agriculture” (Rachael Jamison)

___Notes on Civics and Policy Workshop (Liza)*

___Notes on Farm Bill workshop (Kim Leval)

___Notes on “Beyond Food System Sustainability” (Martha)*



___Notes from “My Father’s Garden”*

___Notes from  “Food”

___Notes from “Cheese”*

___Notes from “Big Spuds –Little Spuds”*

___Notes on History of Farming Technology*

___Notes from “The Natural Step”*

___Notes from “Victory Garden”*


Weekly Reflective Writings

___Week 1: Synthesis of week done in class

___Week 2: Synthesis done on your own

___Week 3: Synthesis done on your own

___Week 4: Synthesis done on your own

___Week 5:                          

___Week 6:                          

___Week 7:                          

___Week 8:                          

___Week 9:                          

___Week 10:                        



___ Freyfogel Intro and Ch 1-4

___Schlosser (first half)

___Freyfogle Ch. 5-11

___Tangled Routes



___Week 1: In-class written assignment on your place in the food system

___Week 3:  Abstract of article on Freyfogel theme*

___Week 3: Paper on Freyfogel theme

___Week 4: Schlosser Abstract

___Week 4: Project Outline & Proposal

___Week 5: Abstract on Garrett & Feenstra  Food Systems article*

___Week 7: Tangled Routes & Fast Food Nation Paper or Freyfogle Rewrite

___Week 8: Rough Draft of Project Paper with bibliography


Field Trips:

___Notes from Bon Appetit tour (Rick Stomire)*

___Notes from Oyster Bay Farm field trip*

___Notes from Sustainability Conference


Reading/Seminar Notes:

___ Notes from Wilkins, “Community Food Systems”

___ Notes from Freyfogel, The New Agrarianism

___ Notes from Schlosser, Fast Food Nation

___ Notes from Feenstra & Garrett Article on Community Food Systems*

___ Notes from “Home Grown”

___ Notes from “Terroir” Article*

___ Notes on the “Organic-Industrial Complex”*

___ Notes from Farm Bill articles (Center for Rural Affairs and Nat’l Campaign for Sust. Ag.





*16 credit students only


PORTFOLIOS ARE DUE BY THURSDAY, June 5, 2003.  Thank you!