Farm To Table : Topics In Local and Global Food Production

Week 1: in class readings

Week 2: "The New Agrarianism" - Freyfogle— introduction and first 4 chapters, additional readings available in the library under closed reserve for Farm To Table.

Week 3: "Fast Food Nation" first half of book up to page 111.

Week 4: "Fast Food Nation" remainder of the book. 16 cr student read handout for Tuesday night.

Week 5: 16 cr read Feenstra article on reserve for you to make a copy or download off the web, and read and write an abstract, see assignment handout for Tuesday night. Everyone read "Home Grown" World Watch Paper #163 available in the bookstore. And Margaret MacSems, Food Production and Consumption
in Thurston County.

Week 6: Everyone read chapter 5-11 in New Agrarianism for Thursday.

Week 7: 16 cr read Pollan articles for Tuesday. Everyone read Tangled Routes, (8cr read chapters 1, & 3 for your paper & 6) and 16 credit read chapters 1, 3 and 5,6,7,8 for Thursday.

Week 8: Farm Bill Articles?

Week 9:

Week 10:


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