Farm-to-Table Topics  for End-of-Quarter Projects

Meet--Share Your Resources! (See Liza’s zen hints) Get thee to the library ASAP!

Look for resources on our program page!


Student                                                                        Project                                                                                           Resources

Taryn Goodman                                   Facilitating unity between community gardeners                   TBA

& community organizations (GRuB!!, Danielle E., Maureen M., Robin Moore)


Tiffany Ralston                                       history—decline of small farms                                                        TBA

                                                                        (share w/ Sean Ford, Emily W.-McMane, Liza)

David Wides                                           Eco impacts of bamboo forestry in PacNW             Books & articles on

                                                                        (read NW architecture resources, Environ. Abstracts) Bamboo

                                                                        share w/ Mike Gasper, Taylor Blachly, Gabe Seaton?)

Arianne Llewellyn                                 Integrated small-scale farming-livestock                                     TBA

                                                                        Waste management models (share w/ Jodie McCann, see Martha)


David Accurso                                        Social Revolution through Agriculture                          Books & articles

                                                                        (Freire, USSR lit., meet w/ Isaac G., Liza)


Jennifer Mustoe                                                      Nutrition & Agriculture PacNW                                                            TBA

                                                                        (contact Coop. Extension, Pat Labine, Martha)


Leah Ouellette                                       CSAs/Com. Gardens & Local Economy                                                      TBA

                                                                        (talk to GruB, Share w/ Danielle E., Sylvan, )


Danielle Esposito                                Com. Gardens & Urban Ag. Biointensive                                                     TBA

                                                                        (talk to GRuB)

Carrie Stellflug                                        Urban Ag. –Sust. Cities-low-income                            M. Ableman articles & other

                                                                        (GruB, share w/ Danielle E., see Heidi Bell—intern, Sylvan B., Leah O., Heather M.)

Laura Johnson                                     Local/sust. Food & restaurants                                       personal interviews, etc.

                                                                        (talk to Mercado, Gardners, Louisa, Julie Riske, Kristina Cool)


Sylvan Bonin                                           Urban Ag. Improved Connections                                                   TBA

                                                                        (talk w/ Kelli Sanger-WSDA & GruB, Leah O., Danielle E., Heidi Bell--intern)


Lena Davidson                                     Health & rBGH (dairy)                                                                              cows?

                                                                        (talk to Jennifer Mustoe & Kelli Sanger)                                         don’t interview well!


Ian-Michael Hebert                              Instit. Food service & sust. Ag. Practices                                       David Orr, Mary Brooks

                                                                        (research Slow Food, Alice Waters, connect with Carrie Stellpflug & Julie Riske)


Isaac Garfield                                         Psych. Aspects, corporate & consumer                                       How to grow forest

                                                                        Connections/ owners-oppressors                                                 gardens/ veggies

                                                                        (meet w/ Nicole Okada, David Accurso, Dennis L., Julie Riske, Liza)


Jodie McCann                                       Biodiversity/ pest control                                                                         TBA

                                                                        (talk w/ Greg Dasso & Katherine Dennis)


Katherine Markert                                 Green Tea: health v. cola, ag.                                                              TBA

                                                                        (connect with other nutrition focused & w/ Isaac G.)


Shannon Rourke                                 GM Wheat                                                                                                      Lots of stuff!

                                                                        (Agricola & Cambridge Abstracts, Land Institute, Martha)


Julie Hall                                                    Terroir –restaurant focus                                                                                         ref. Books & articles

                                                                        (share w/ Julie Riske & Carrie Stellpflug)


Kristina Cool                                           Eating Locally—Maritime NW                                                            books, arts., etc.

                                                                        (share w/ Julie Riske, Julie Hall, Laura J.,Carrie Stellpflug)                


Taylor Blachly                                          Forest Ag., wood use, salvage forest products                        Green Building

                                                                        (share w/ David Wides, Mike Gasper)


Dennis Lanigan                                                     Civilization & food, alternatives, history, power                           Guns, Germs & Steel

                                                                        (share w/ David Accurso, Issac G.,) Liza                                       Articles, books


Heather Manning                                 Social Class—Food security & availability                                                    WA data, books, arts.

                                                                        (share w/ Danielle Esposito, Leah Ouellette, Liza)


Benjamin Rosas                                 West. WA food Sustainability-permaculture                               permaculture- native plant

                                                      (share w/ Kristina Cool, Laura Johnson, David Wides, Gabe Seaton, Dennis Lanigan)


Elizabeth LePan                                   Oral hist. & Ag., family farm=cultural center                                  Fox Fire books

                                                      (share w/ Nicole Okada, Tiffany Ralston, Jennifer Mustoe, Liza, Ed Echtle* Tues. night! & folks looking at CSAs, Taryn Goodman)


Ryan Smith                                              Home-scale Permaculture, NW Climate                                   Bill Mollison’s Permaculture

                                                      (share w/ David Wides, Kristina C., Ben Rosas, Gabe Seaton)      Book & various arts.


Mike Gasper                                           Sust. Home building in NW                                                                                   TBA

                                                      (share w/ David Wides, Taylor Blachly, )


Maureen Maples                                  School Gardens/ Oly & Waldorf-biodynamics                                            TBA

                                                      (Share w/ Danielle Esposito, Ian-M. Hebert, Nicole Okada)              


Gabe Seaton                                          Permaculture—10-yr design                                                              Lotsa books

                                                      (share w/ Ryan Smith, Ben Rosas, David Wides?)


Miranda Duschack                             Sustainable Beef—meat                                                                      articles & books

                                                      (share w/ Lena Davidson, Jennifer Mustoe, Liza, Pat Labine, Kelli Sanger)                 


Julia Riske                                               Instincts-nutrition/ food alienation/ senses                                                    books, arts.

                                                      (share w/ Kristina Cool, Isaac Garfield, Nicole Okada, Shoshana Woodworth, Laura Johnson)


Erin Foreman                                         Fruit & Orchard production, Sust., feasibility                                TBA

                                                      (talk to Liza, look at history resources, share w/ Sean Ford)


Shoshana Woodworth                    Horticultural Therapy                                                                                books

                                                                        (share w/ Katie Markert, Jennifer Mustoe, Julie Riske)

Robin  Moore                                          Bartering Community Currency                                                        TBA

                                                      (Share w/ Issac Garfield, David Accurso, Dennis Lanigan, Gabe Seaton, see Liza)


Greg Dasso                                            Eco-ag., Sust. Systems                                                                          Lotsa stuff

                                                      (share w/ Miranda Duschack, Ben Rosas, Carrie Stellpflug, Dennis Lanigan)


Katherine Dennis                                Bio-remidiation                                                                                            TBA

                                                      (share w/ Arianne Llewellyn, Jodie McCann, Greg Dasso, Shannon Rourke)


Emily Wolf McMane                            Women in Agriculture                                                                              books, Fed docs

                                                      (Share w/ Sean Ford, Nicole Okada, Maureen Maples, see Liza, read,--Sue Armitage, Elizabeth Jameson, Carolyn Sachs, Rachal Rosenfeld, see LIZA!!)


Sarah Stinson                                        Policy & food Systems                                                                            Books

                                                      (share w/ Ian-M. Hebert, Isaac Garfield., Shannon Rourke, see Martha—Farm Bill, Talk w/ Kalli Sanger and Leslie Zenz—WSDA Small Farms & Direct Marketing, get with Carlos!)


Sean Ford                                                Historical Land-use in PacNW                                                          TBA

                                    (read Richard White! Carlos Schwantes! Share w/ Elizabeth LePan, Tiffany Ralson, see Liza!)


Bevin Protas                                            Good Food/ Low-income/ org. connections                              TBA

                                    (GRuB! share w/ Danielle Esposito, Maureen Maples, Leah Ouellete,  Carrie Stellpflug, See Liza)