IES Research topics

Alternative energy

Alex Geddes- hydropower
Carol Benik- wind power
Danny Esposito- photovoltaics
Teresa Bettikofer- biodiesel/biogas
Robin Moore- biogas

Fuel Cells in the Home

Greg Dasso
Jesse Davis
Henry Desmarais
Josh Guintochi
Julie Vakoc- fuel cells in transport


Jody McCann- organic vs. conventional ag
Shannon Ogle- sustainable Livestock
Betsy Davis- global warming and nutrient content of food
Auli’I George- organic farming
Mary Powers- potential of ag to mitigate the greenhouse effect
Ryan McDaniels- Aquaculture

Carbon sequestration

Erin Gaughan- forests as C sinks, management
Heather Trusty- the potential of agriculture to sequester C
Selena Smith-?

Public Education

Maki Katibayashi- education for children
Sally Blonien- educating public—what’s effective and what’s not
Josh VanTime- on the benefits and importance of clean energy

Global Warming effects on Coral Reefs

Pana Brown- policies
Katherine Davis- economic impacts
Cyclic and Alternative Theories for Global Warming
Regina Bomar
Charles Meach
Megan Halcott
Jennifer Mustoe
Alicia Myklebust
Allyson Ruppenthal
Ben Price

TESC Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Tiffiny Suitts
Kolby Bray-Hoagland

NW Resources

Rama Lash
Adri Vanbianchi
Peter Van Hess
Alex Winstead
Katrina Mikitik- salmon
Tyler Sims
(Ryan McDaniel- also ag)

GW Effects on Amazon Basin Fish

Ann Balek
Leah Ouellette
Rhonda Cole

Population Control

Heather Keller
JT La Chapelle
Ian Pease

Transportation and Global Warming: Renewable Energy, Public Transportation Reform

Scott Osborne
Meagan Carmichael
David Bell
Josh Reed

GW effects on the Ocean

Ocean Eveningsong- effect on marine organisms
Anna Hyde- effect on plankton
Anna Mathes- C sequestration
Sara Wallman- sea level rise
(Ryan McDaniel- also in ag and NW resources)

Carfree Cities

Eryn Farkas
Ryan Shetler

Emissions Trading

Vivian Johnston- emissions trading and the Kyoto Protocol
Sam Kates-Goldman- domestic emissions policy, where do we go from here
Jessica Rea

El Nino and Global Climate

Carrolyn Stevens- hazards and land degradation
Zach McCarty- frequency and impact on salmon
Terence Lee- impact on fish (especially salmon), habitat loss

Green Building/ Land Use

Nicole Okada- Seminar II
Rosemary Baker- green building materials
Karin Dahl- residential buildings
Heather Manning- residential buildings
John Means- landscape planning