Policy questions about climate change IES - 10/14/02

Shipping and the environment, pollution and trade issues
Accountability of meat producers for greenhouse gas emissions (CH4 and CO2)
Land use, growth management
Building design
Renewable energy
Job creation from sustainable technologies
Carbon tax
Carbon sinks
Emissions trading
Role of industry
Cost of mitigation or adaptation
Effect of military activity on climate change
Ice caps
Monitoring of ice caps, sea level, who’s doing it, ethical?
How valid is the data?
Can we adapt to change?
Gulf Stream could change as a result of global warming
Carbon sequestration potential of crops, used to make biofuels
Effects on crops, nutritional and growing season
Oceanic ecosystems, El Nino and La Nina, sea level rise
Science literacy, science and society
Translation of information and data from scientist to government to people
Economic feasibility of sustainable technologies
Global warming effect on Northwest resources, ie salmon, timber