"J-List" is a mail-order company located in Isesaki, Gunma Prefecture, Japan.  It is owned and operated by American Peter Payne and his Japanese wife, Chiharu. Although you can buy many interesting Japanese products through J-List, the most interesting aspect of the site is that Peter sends a daily e-mail with tidbits about Japan and about life as an American ex-pat in Japan.  I have found many of these to be very informative and to resonate with my own experiences.

If you go to the J-List web page you can get on their e-mail list.  After that, almost every day you will learn something new about Japan.

Note:  J-List sells some "adult" products.  If you do not want to be exposed to these, you can avoid that part of the J-List web site when you enter the site.


posted by John Cushing