(and lectures and articles and seminar-discussions and one-on-one conversations)


A.    The most important thing(s) I learned from this book/film/lecture/article are


1.     About the power and about the limitations of dialogue:

2.     About the world or American society:

3.    About the particular group(s) that was focused on:

4.    About myself and how I have been approaching/structuring (or had structured for me) my perceptions and misperceptions of others.


B.    The three or four paragraphs or sentences that I highlighted/underlined asterisked the most (because I learned so much or was so dumfounded or agreed or disagreed so strongly--whatever)  and that I am just dying to discuss with someone who has a different perspective are:  (Quote in full or in part if longer than two sentences, giving page numbers or location to assist others in responding)





C.    If I were the type of person (which we all are but I am striving to change) who throws a book across the room or tunes out a conversation because of one mistake or claim that strikes me as outrageous or ludicrous or unsupported , the passage/claim/scene I would focus on would be…. (Quote in full or in part if too long, giving page numbers or location)