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Within these Silver Sky pages lies student poetry, and a glimpse of the Northwest sun." This is a place where poets can shine, like stars in the depths of Cyberspace. Each week we manifested our creations, through assigned excercises of poetry and form. Some of the structured forms consisted of, Villanelles, Pantoums, and Sonnets. Other poetic excercises presented ideas to constitute different styles of writing from "place." Through these various practices of writing we have delved deeper into exploring the multitude of passages, defined by a sense of "space." We welcome you to read, at your own risk!

There are two Broadsides here. Can you find them? Can ya?

MARCH 20, 2003

Welcome! I (Shaun) just finished compiling all the poetry. As you peruse the work, you may notice an error here and there. If you do, don't panic! Since I'm no longer with Silver Sky, you can report mistakes to either Paul or Sage. Every poem had to be typed in to the code and edited individually, so an error would be no surprise! Anyway, that's all from me. Farewell!

June 10, 2003

You all may be aware that the web page has been online, but fragmentary and incomplete. I've had some time lately, so I decided to put the rest of it together (it's much more coherant now). I'm going to continue updating the page, along with Sage and Paul. If you want more of your work online or, if you want any of your work online, email it to JohSha17@Evergreen.Edu. I can't promise a hasty posting, but please feel free to submit. That goes for people who aren't on yet either, as I've posted everything I recived fall and winter quarters. Also, comments are very much appreciated. Best Wishes, Shaun


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