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As austute students each week, we plugged away at the development of a solid supportive essay. The first order of operation was for students to exchange essay papers, for individual evaluation at home.Then on the proceeding day during Thursday afternoon seminars we would diligently assemble into selective groups, for discussion. The purpose of the seminar group was for each student to persuasively and articulately read their essay. Following each reading their is an open forum for constructive criticism and respectable feedback. This opportunity enables the student to then review their essay and perform any fine tuning for later collection. Through this weekly ritual the student has the resources to enhance their writing skills. Another aspect of essay writing is also included in the Anthology projects. Through reading and explicating several works of a selected Northwest poet, the student formulates a comprehensive essay, with a supported thesis.The main emphasis is to congeal a commonality within the writers poems, that identify with a sense of "place," specifically in the Northwest area.

MARCH 19, 2003

As you can see, there aren't many essays up, but the ones that are provide a good read. Something else you may notice is how none of the essays are formatted. These essays will be formatted with time. If you have essays, submit them!



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