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What forms our experience of place? How do our rhythm, our sense of time, our feeling for beauty, our words emerge from our individual and collective engagement with the world of our experience? How do these expressions of our experience shape us and call us to further engagement with our place? We will explore these questions as we examine our own experience in a place-- for us, the Pacific Northwest. As we come to see how the mist over the valley bottoms has been engaged in a dialogue with the people who live along the banks of the river, we can begin to see what conversations surround us and what stories await discovery and voice.

We will study the stories of this place, its natural history, its human history, its literature and most essentially its poetry. This program is about reading and writing: about observation and expression. It is also a program about the making of place and the embeddedness of our lives in particulatiry. We will explore history, legend, natural history, story and the rich poetic tradition of the Pacific Northwest and will find ways to attach ourselves to the particular. Through that particular we will think about the larger world. We will write constantly. We will read our work aloud. We will listen. And we will publish. We imagine this work as being demanding, deliberate, and a great deal of pleasure.