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Faculty Lectures

Landscape Ecology (10/9) powerpoint

Democratic Political Theory (10/30) powerpoint

Guest Lectures

Tom Holz: Zero Impact Development (10/10)
Read Tom's paper Adopt Zero Impact Standards or Watch Habitat Disappear

Kevin Hogan: Plant Architecture and Physiological Ecology (10/23) lecture outline

Luke Howard: Codes and Zoning (10/28)
Contact Luke to get involved with The Evergreen Sustainable Home Habitat for Humanity project.

Additional Readings and Handouts

Week 9 readings

Northwest Environment Watch. "The Car and the City"- 39pp

American Farmland Trust. "Farming on the Edge"
NOTE: On this web site you should specifically check out the:
1. Executive Summary
2. AFT Fact Sheets
3. Washington State Map

A Short Introduction to Ecological Economics (10/28)
Ch 1: Analyzing Markets
reading on what economics is and what it isn't
Economics and The Economy (10/28)