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Additional Readings
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Seminar Papers
Here are some more specifics about your weekly writing assignment:

1. It should be three paragraphs at most. It is not meant to provide a systematic overview of the reading, but only an elaboration of one of the points/questions identified by your triad.

2. It must be (machine-)printed.

3. It should refer to the reading. The purpose is to make seminar more effective, so the writing should shed light on some aspect of the work to be discussed.

4. It can be a first draft. You will not be evaluated for the perfection of your writing on these assignments. We expect them to be written fairly quickly, since you have only the period between your triad meeting and the seminar to do it. Of course, better writing is always better. For example, it doesn’t take much longer to use your word processing program’s spell-checker.

5. It should be brought to seminar. Writing it after seminar detracts from the purpose.