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Booklist: Spring 2004

Post response by 9 April; Seminar 17 April
The Chopsticks-Fork Principle: A Memoir and Manual
Bean, Cathy Bao
Allamuchy NJ 07820 : We Press; Feb. 2003
USD 15.00 ISBN: 0-9725663-0-9

Post response by 15 April; Seminar 17 April
Turning Japanese: Memoirs of a Sansei
Mura, David
New York : Doubleday Publishing; Westminster May 1992
USD 14. ISBN: 0385423446

Post response by 20 April; Seminar 24 April
Manchild in the Promised Land
Brown, Claude
New York : Touchstone [Imprint]; Simon & Schuster;
Standard Address Number: SAN: 200-2442 June 1999
USD 13. ISBN: 0684864185

Post response by 23 April; Seminar 24 April
Death at an Early Age: The Destruction of the Hearts and Minds of Negro Children in the Boston Public Schools
Jonathan Kozol
New York : Dutton/ Oct. 1985
USD 13.95 ISBN: 0452262925

Post response by 30 April; Seminar 1 May
Jim Crow's Children: The Broken Promise of the Brown Decision
Irons, Peter H.
New York : Penguin Group (USA)
Standard Address Number: SAN: 282-5074 Jan 2004
USD 15.00 ISBN: 0142003751

Post response by 10 May; Seminar 15 May
The Fire Next Time
Baldwin, James
New York : Vintage [Imprint]; Knopf Publishing Group; Dec. 1992
USD 9.00 ISBN: 067974472X

Post response by 17 May; Seminar 19 May (a Wednesday!)
Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? And Other Conversations about Race
Tatum, Beverly Daniel
Scranton: Basic Books
Dec. 2002
USD 15.95
ISBN: 0465083617

Post response by 24 May; Seminar 26 May (a Wednesday!)
Ender's Game
Card, Orson Scott
New York : Tor
ISBN: 0765550709


Japanese Schooling: Patterns of Socialization, Equality, and Political Control
Shields, James J. , Jr., Editor
University Park : Pennsylvania State University Press May 1993
USD 20.95 ISBN: 0271009349