Researching Washington Schools

The Situation:

You have children who identify as persons of color.

You are investigating the schools in your area or considering moving to another area of Western Washington.

You have two main questions:

The Task:

  1. Choose a district or school to investigate.

  2. Survey data about the district or school

  3. Research techniques and approaches which have been used recently by affected parties to effect change.

    Note: You may have to look at surrounding districts or similar situations in other locations.

Starting Point:

Seattle-area schools tackle racial divide in education

If you have time, look at one or more of the following articles

Possible Group Starting Points:

More students don't get their top pick of Seattle school

Kent schools once praised for diversity plans

Put this on the list: Students' behavior (Cleveland High School)

Civil rights suit settled in Puyallup schools

(Although it is way off topic, here is an article about Evergreen from last year by a Puyallup High School senior.)

School Search Resources:

Office of the Superintendant of Public Instruction (OSPI):

School report card:

Seattle Times:

School guide:

Education page:

Seattle P-I:

Special reports on education:

The News Tribune (Tacoma):

Education page:

The Olympian:

Ethnic NewsWatch:

U.S. Census Bureau QuickFacts:

Washington State Data Book: