Sequence and contents are under construction

This list will evolve to indicate all REQUIRED reading.

Other readings may be handed out as optional.

Books are listed according to the week in which we SEMINAR on the text.

weekone: The book as radical, sacred, and changing note(pdf)

A Book of the Book (pp 7-16,80-83, 99-102,)

(Handouts: Federman, Jabes, Borges, Kostelanetz + Drucker intro.)

For Friday: "Bookbinding for Book Artists": Part I (pp. )

(Parentheses indicate that the reading is a handout or only a portion of a program text)


weektwo: The form of the book

Structure of the Visual Book +

(Century of Artists' Books (ch. 3 & 8)

Text in Book Format --photocopies

Cutting Edge of Reading--photocopies

A Book of the Book (pp 71-79))


weekthree: The book as art

Century of Artists' Books +

( The Cutting Edge of Reading All except "Altered Books"

A Book of the Book (pp 203-221, skim319-333))

weekfour: The rise of the book

The Gutenberg Galaxy (pp 1-9, 18-56, 63-77, 82-86, 105-111, 124-128, 130-133, 135-136, 141-144, 146-148, 151-158, 170-174, 181-183, 202-208, 212-218, 231-247, 250-252, 265-280)

(+ The Spell of the Sensuous -packet

Future of the Book (Intro - 133) ... already excerpted in packet

A Book of the Book (pp 178-185, 222-227, 251-256, 346-350, 504-518))


weekfive: Playing with worlds and words

House of Leaves +

(Imagining Language -packet

Writing Machines: preface, Chapter 1, 2, 8)


weeksix: The book as culture and consciousness

Gutenberg Elegies +

( The Future of the Book ...remaining

Writing Machines Chapter 3, 4)

new: Link to Lexia/Perplexia (see links column)


weekseven: Narrative, design, sequence

Undertsanding Comics

Jimmy Corrigan


A Book of the Book (pp 403-422, 445-466))


weekeight: Layers of interpretation

(Writing Machines (Ch 5, 6)

House of Leaves +

(Imagining Language -"words in freedom"

Writing Machines: preface, Chapter 1, 2, 8

A Book of the Book (pp 17-24, 375, 423-430))

weeknine: The book is what you make it

Student writing + Review


weekten: Imagining books

Student art work



Books to buy:

The Century of Artists' Books, Drucker ***This book is out of print-- it will be available as a photocopy in the bookstore

The Gutenberg Galaxy, McLuhan

Writing Machines, Hayles

Humument, Philips***This book is out of print, so will not be required to purchase. Please do so if you think you will like it. Otherwise, I will show slides and pass out photocopies in class. I may substitute another req'd text to take its place!

Understanding Comics, McCloud

Structure of the Visual Book, Smith

Jimmy Corrigan (comic book), Ware

A Book of the Book, Rothemberg

The Gutenberg Elegies, Birkerts

Bookbinding for Book Artists, Smith

House of Leaves, Danielewski

Books we will excerpt:

The Cutting Edge of Reading

Imagining Language

Text in the Book Format

+ Writings by Raymond Federman, Richard Kostelanetz, Edmond Jabes, Jorge Borges, Italo Calvino, Ben Marcus


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discussion of "bookness" (weird)

Gutenberg to Gates

The Last Book

A Response to Birkerts

The battle over books in the digital...


what is a book?

Book arts in the USA --Center for Book Arts

Center for Book Culture

Keith Smith Books

Book Lab

Book Arts Web



Lexia/Perplexia, etc

Memmot's BeeHive

Digital Books

Granary Books

Society of Bookbinders

Designer Bookbinders

Book Arts Guild


about intertextuality

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learning to love you more


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