Collaborative Book Project (PRINTMAKING)




WEEK 2 Form groups--first meetings

WEEK 3 Confirm / meet in groups: concepts and versions presented

WEEK 4 mock-ups-critique



The collaborative book project offers a complex culmination of your printmaking requirements. Though many contemporary books artists emphasize the individual artist as the source and master of the whole product, many rely on intimate collaborations to create their art.

My assumption is that collaborative teams consisting of a student of letterpress, one of monotype, and another of drypoint will make the most sense and will generate interesting results. So that is what I will expect initially.

If by some freak of imagination or collaborative zeal, other sorts of groupings spring up for the good of all, then so be it. I do not recommend more than three people per project.

REQUIREMENTS (plain and simple)

The final product must be a book of some kind.

The final product must have as its focal point at least two, preferably three, print media.

The final product must be, by some measure, the equally combined efforts of everyone in your group.

The final product must be the work of at least two people.